Updated September 2021.

Did you know you can have secret boards on Pinterest? Cool isn’t it? But I can hear you think immediately ‘if they are secret and nobody can see them, why would you want to use them’? 

Secret boards actually have quite a few benefits, not just for individuals but also to businesses and should form part of your Pinterest strategy. If you are not quite sure what secret boards are and how to use them, keep reading! We will take a deep dive into what secret boards are and why and how you should use them.

What Is a Secret Board?

First things first ‘What is a secret board?’ A secret board is like any other board on Pinterest in the sense that you have to set it up in exactly the same way. Ie. you give it a title, description and make sure you use keywords. The difference with ‘normal’ boards is that only you (and anyone you assign as a collaborator) can see it.

You can recognise secret boards by the little lock next to the board title.


Secret boards with lock

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Why Would You Want To Set Up Secret Boards?

I use secret boards for my own purposes (personal and business) but also when I am working with clients. There is actually a whole host of reasons for using secret boards which I will explain below. 

1. To set up a new board for your business

Sometimes you need a little bit of time to create a board. Putting a new board out with just 5 pins doesn’t look right. So secret boards are used by many to build up a new board. It is ideal for when you have discovered a new topic for your business. Creating a secret board gives you time to find high quality pins and make sure you have a good variety. I tend to add about 15 pins before making my board public.

Once your new board is ready, go back into the edit section and make it public. It is as easy as that!

2. Non-niche related content

Secret boards are a great place to keep all your non-niche related content. Sometimes you see business profiles with boards that are so far off their topic that it makes them look somewhat unprofessional. If you want to be taken seriously in your industry it is best to keep your public boards related to your business.  Anything that is not business-related can go on secret boards. I have about 15 of them, ranging from holiday inspiration boards, to recipes and valentine’s day.

3. Gathering ideas for a special project

Secret boards are great for when you are working on a special project. If you have a private project you want to collect inspiration for than secret boards are great for this. You can collect information and nobody will know about it. Of course there might come a time when you want to make the project public but if not you just keep it on a secret board.

4. New business ideas

Secret boards are a great tool for brainstorming. If you have a new business idea and you want to collect information, inspirational content, secret boards can help keep all your information together.

5. Client content ideas

Another brilliant way of using secret boards is for client content ideas. Maybe you have a few great ideas for one of your clients. You can set up secret boards for them and invite your client as a collaborator. This way you can share visual content for your ideas and your client can add ideas to it.

6. Holding place

Sometimes it happens that you come across a huge amount of inspirational pins for the same board. So as not to appear spammy, you can temporarily park some pins on a secret board and move them over in dribs and drabs.

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Important Things To Know About Secret Boards

Important things you should know about secret boards before you start working with them. 

  1. There is no limit to how many secret boards you can have on your profile. This means you can set them up for yourself, clients, friends. It doesn’t matter.
  2. The person who sets up the secret board is the creator and can make changes. 
  3. As the creator of a secret board you can invite collaborators to join so you can work on projects together. 
  4. You can collaborate on an unlimited amount of secret boards.
  5. Secret boards are exactly that ,secret, they do not appear in any searches, your home feed or anywhere else in Pinterest.
  6. The creator of the secret board can make the board publicly available. If you then decide you want to make it secret again, the creator can do this.
  7. When you want to invite others to the secret board as collaborators, invitations will be send from Pinterest by email.
  8. When a secret board is public, everything on the board becomes public. Ie. the pins, comments etc.
  9. When you delete pins from a secret board, they are gone.
  10. You can find your secret boards at the bottom of your Pinterest profile.


Final Thoughs

As you can see using secret boards has a lot of advantages and is also fun to do!

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 Happy pinning!