Pinterest is growing, it has great ideas for the future and there is just no stopping it! More and more businesses are honing in on this. BUT I still get asked by potential clients if Pinterest is the right choice for their company as they are unsure about the platform and can’t get their head around how it works. 

There are a lot of misconceptions about Pinterest, one being that smaller businesses think the platform is only for big brands. Another one is that the platform is just for creatives, crafts, the wedding industry, food bloggers and gardening tips. All wrong, wrong, wrong! 

A couple of facts for 2021:

  • 459 million active monthly users
  • 40% is male 
  • 97% unbranded searches
  • 61% of UK pinners have started new projects using Pinterest
  • 46% of UK pinners have discovered new brands using Pinterest

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Let me explain this a little further. 

459 million active monthly users

This number is accurate as of Q1 2021. Compare that to 70 million in 2013, 151 million in 2015 and 300 million in 2019. That is a lot of eye balls for your content!

40% is male

Yes whilst women are still the biggest audience on Pinterest, 40% is now male and this number is growing year on year. More and more businesses concentrating on male content are starting to use the platform. 

97% unbranded searches

This means pinners do not come to the platform to search for a certain brand, they come to the platform to get inspiration. They are looking for an idea or a solution to a problem. What this means is that large companies, or well known brands can use the platform, but also smaller businesses as they have equal chances of being found by their audience!

61% have started new projects because of Pinterest

What does this mean, I can hear you think. This basically ties in with the argument I made earlier, pinners come to the platform to find inspiration; to help them with an idea they have, a project they want to start or a problem they need solving. With your content out there you will help your audience start this new project and then fingers crossed they will buy your product/service to help them!

46% have discovered new brands because of Pinterest

Because there are so many unbranded searches on the platform, pinners discover new brands all the time! It is an equal playing field out there, which for smaller businesses is brilliant!

Final thoughts

So, taking all of the above into account, to answer the question which businesses should be using Pinterest? The answer is ALL businesses should be using Pinterest. It is one of the best things about the platform! With the right content any business can leverage Pinterest and drive free, organic traffic to their website. And who does not want that, right?

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I look forward to hearing from you!

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Happy pinning!