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We are nearing the end of September, can you believe it! It means it is time to start thinking about content creation and what to pin in October.

Pinterest is search-based so it is possible to identify trends. Knowing about these trends and using them should be part of your Pinterest strategy as you will want to tap into them to catch the traffic! There are several ways to do this. The Clever Pins’ Perfect Pinterest Planner is a handy document which gives you all the Pinterest trends in one overview. 

The other way to identify trends on Pinterest is to use the Pinterest Trends Tool. This was introduced in the beginning of 2020 and is a great way of identifying trends on Pinterest. To find it go to Analytics -> Trends. Type in any search term and Pinterest will show you how this has performed over the last year. And of course there are blogs out there that give you an overview of what to think about for your content planning. 

What to pin and create in October

Searches for engagement ideas increased between June and January and the midpoint for these searches is now October. Searches dipped slightly in March of this year, for obvious reasons, but if you use the Pinterest trends tool you will see that searches are starting to pick up. Anything from engagement ring (shape, stone) to photo shoot and location.

Halloween is just around the corner and you can still put your content out there. Last minute costume ideas and make-up are still being searched on the platform. As well as kids activities and craft ideas. 

Food-wise there is lots of content to create with Halloween around the corner, Oktoberfest, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Make sure you put your best recipes out there!

Pumpkin in a field October trends for Pinterest

A big one at the moment is autumn activities for kids. Autumn is fast approaching and so is the bad weather so people are trying to come up with ideas to do with the children. These can be indoor and outdoor activities for the bright days. 

As mentioned before, searches for Thanksgiving and Christmas started to go up from around April this year so if you haven’t done so already you can start putting your content out there. Anything from Thanksgiving and Christmas recipes, gifting, decor, cards, crafts to name a few. 

Pinners are still looking for organisation ideas in October. The children have gone back to school, everybody has settled into a new routine again and pinners want to (re)organise their home, office, life. Searches include financial budgeting, especially as Christmas is around the corner. 

Remember it is Black Friday on 27 November and the Monday after is Cyber Monday. Now is the time to start thinking about your offers and how you are going to promote it. 

What if I don’t have the content?

So it is possible that you don’t have any of the content mentioned above, just because you are not in that line of business. That is not a problem, there are several things you can do. 

What you can do is look at how you can use parts of the trends for your business. Is there any way you can link above topics to your business and write a blog post about it? Maybe organisation or budgeting? Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday?

The next thing is to repurpose old content. Dig out content that you have not circulated for a while, create a new pin template and put it out there. Go through your Analytics and see which pins bring you consistent traffic and do the same with this content. 


I hope above is helpful and you will be able to create new content that drives traffic. Remember, to make life easy for yourself by using a scheduling tool like Tailwind. 

Make sure you get the Clever Pins’ Perfect Pinterest Planner and if you need help with pin design, do check out the Clever Pins’ shop for easy and not expensive pin template packages. 

Let me know how you are getting on! 

Happy pinning🌷