Can you believe we are halfway through July? How quick is this month going? August is almost here, which means we need to start concentrating on what to pin and create the coming month.

As you know Pinterest is a search engine and because of this we can identify trends. Trends vary slightly from year to year but overall it is possible to identify themes. And it is important to know the trends because you can use them for your Pinterest strategy. 

The Pinterest Trends Tool is a tool introduced by Pinterest in the beginning of 2020. It is another great way of identifying trends on Pinterest. To find it go to Analytics -> trends. Type in any search term and Pinterest will show you how this has performed over the last year. 

What to pin and create in August

As you can imagine ‘back to school’ is still HUGE in August and possibly this year even bigger than any other year because of the pandemic and all schools finally going back in September. So if this is your niche, while normally you might be moving on your marketing efforts from back to school, this year there is still a lot of scope in August!

Uni prep is a big topic as well around this time, many students going back to uni towards the end of September and looking for inspiration for their dorms and student life in general.

A lot of people are starting to crave some form of normal routine around this time and this is especially strong this year with children having been homeschooled since March and everybody having worked from home. Searches for organisation are big around this time of year. As is goal setting and planning.

This is also the time of year when pinners are starting to look for Autumn fashion inspiration for 2020. Anything from boots, scarves, jackets to autumn fashion colours. As well as Autumn fashion, autumn recipe searches normally go up around this time. So if you are a food blogger you need to start getting your new recipes out there from about now. 

And, you probably don’t need me telling you this, but Halloween, pumpkin and Thanksgiving searches skyrocket around this time. Anything from costumes, to pumpkin carving, decorations, recipes you name it can be found on Pinterest from around August. 

And last but not least, this year Christmas related searches have already started! I know it is somewhat early but it is actually happening. So if you have a business which sells anything related to Christmas start getting your content out there.


Above can seem a little daunting when you are still relatively new to Pinterest. If you want a super quick reference guide as to the seasonal trends on Pinterest please download the Clever Pins Perfect Pinterest Planner! It is a very handy document with all trends identified for each month. It will tell you exactly what to pin when.

If you need help with pin creation and you don’t want to hire a Pinterest manager, have a look at the Clever Pins Shop for pin template packages, they are sold in sets of 5 and 10. They are a great time saver!

Good luck with pinning and creating your new content for August! Let me know how you get on!