Business can go quiet,  it is not nice but it is normal. It is key during this period that you do not waste time and that you use it productively to push your business forward. Quiet times pass and you need to be ready for the time when business starts to pick up again. It can be hard to stay motivated during times like these, but it is important that you keep moving your business forward and don’t stand still. To help you, here are a couple of things you can do.

1. Motivation.

First of all let’s address motivation because when you hit a quiet spell it can be hard to stay motivated. It can evoke all kinds of negative thoughts which we need to avoid at all cost because it means you will grind to a hold. The main thing to do is to stick to your normal routine. Whether this means you exercise first thing in the morning or you get up at your normal time, shower and get dressed like you are going to the office. Do your normal office hours, don’t change it, but before you start any work, do a brain dump. Write down everything that is going through your mind so you can address it later. 

The next step is to make a to-do list of actual stuff that needs doing for your business. You can do this online, in Trello for example, or you can use a paper to-do list, it really doesn’t matter. Write down all the things you have wanted/needed to do for your business in the last weeks/months and then schedule them in your diary. This is a major boost for motivation as it gives you a visual of all the things you need/can do to push your business forward.

And lastly, find an accountability buddy. Someone who checks on with you every now and then to make sure you are still on ‘target’. 

2. Do all the bits and bobs in your business you never have time for.

This relates back to point 1. When you have made a to do list of all the things you have wanted/needed to do for your business and have scheduled all these tasks in your diary, you can get on with doing them. Writing the tasks down and scheduling them will give you a good overview of all that needs doing and how much time it will take. 

It is important you revisit your company’s business plan and see if you need to adjust it. Is your vision still the same for your company or is it time to change it because of changing circumstances? This is the time to put all your creative ideas on paper and to see if you need to and/or can adjust the course of your company. 

3. Stay visible on social media.

It is absolutely CRUCIAL you stay visible on social media. The moment you stop posting content people will forget about you. It is a harsh world out there unfortunately.

Even though business is quiet there are still opportunities to sell out there. You can still post offers, promote your business and on top of that you need to keep building your audience and build relationships on social media. This will not stop and seeing you have some extra time, this is the time to do it. 

Keep an eye on your competition, what are they posting, how are they connecting to their audience on social media? Are trends changing on social media, should you be doing something different? 

4. Do courses.

If you are finding yourself with time left after you have accomplished everything from your to do list in point 2, you can start concentration on professional development. This is the time to up your game and become more knowledgeable. Have a look at courses, different networking events, webinars etc to extend your knowledge. 

5. Invent a new product/service.

Again, this relates back to point 2. When business is quiet for whatever reason, it might be the right time to revisit your company’s vision and rethink the products/services you are offering. Is it time to expand the product /service range? Maybe it is time to take a different angle on your vision or to invent a new product/service? 

Again your competition is important here; what are they selling, how are they adjusting their products/services? Is this something you can do?

And remember, change is good, it keeps us on our toes and evolving.


The main point I am hoping to get across is to not stop working on your business when times are quiet. This is THE time to invest in your company. It is the time where you can push it forward and invest in professional development so that when things are picking up again you are ready!

Good luck and let me know how you get on!