Updated August 2021

Not sure what a Pinterest manager is or what they can do to help your business? Then read this blog. 

This blog post will investigate a different, very specialised type of Virtual Assistant, namely the Pinterest VA, It will look into what a Pinterest manager is and why businesses should hire them! You will see that I use the name VA/manager/specialist interchangeably as different freelancer who offer Pinterest services like to use different titles.

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What Is Pinterest?

So before we dive into what a Pinterest VA does, let’s have a closer look at Pinterest itself first. Pinterest is a visual search engine and a very powerful marketing tool for businesses that is still being overlooked by many. 

Pinterest did not start out as an advertising tool back in 2010! The platform was created by three entrepreneurs as a tool to help people collect ideas/hobbies/activities they were passionate about online – craft ideas, recipes, travel, diy projects to name a few. 

This very quickly changed into people starting to use the platform to answer everyday questions like ‘what shall I cook tonight for dinner’, ‘what is the best place to go on holiday in Europe’ and ‘what is the best small car on the market’. In the last couple of years, more and more people have been using Pinterest to search for products and services they want or need and, currently, are spending more money on the platform than ALL other social media platforms combined. 

With over 400 million users worldwide, Pinterest provides a huge opportunity for businesses to advertise their products and services. Whilst most accounts are still private accounts, companies are honing in on the idea that Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool. This means that the scope for not only businesses but also Pinterest managers and experts is HUGE.  

What Is a Pinterest Manager 

This brings us to the next question: ‘What is a Pinterest Manager?’ In short a Pinterest manager helps a company set up and maintain a presence on the Pinterest platform. Pinterest managers can be seen as specialised social media managers. Often they are small businesses, working from home, but not always. 

There are many different services a Pinterest strategist can offer. Some offer the full range of Pinterest services, some specialise in for example pin design. Services range from account set up/clean-up to monthly maintenance, pin design, SEO, keyword research and consultancy. They are either a one-off investment or are offered on a retainer fee basis.

Clever Pins offers all the above services.

Why Should You Hire a Pinterest Strategist?

After having looked into Pinterest as a marketing tool and what a Pinterest manager does, the next question to look at is why you should hire a Pinterest strategist. There are several reasons:

  • To stay on top of your marketing game

Pinterest is hot business at the moment as I have explained above. Any business that wants to stay on top of their marketing would be a fool to ignore the platform. 

  • Not enough knowledge of the platform

Most small business owners struggle with Pinterest. They are not sure how to set up a business account, what to pin, how to create images or how to build a strong presence on the platform. This is where the Pinterest VA comes in!

  • Not enough hours in the day

Many business owners try to do everything themselves, however there are only 24 hours in a day so there is only so much you can get done. As said Pinterest is a great marketing tool for businesses, but unfortunately it takes time which is something most companies do not have. By outsourcing Pinterest marketing you free up time which you can spend on other parts of the business.

  • You are just not interested in doing it yourself

It is possible that you know you have to be on Pinterest but just can’t get too excited about doing it yourself. This is a great reason for outsourcing to someone who is passionate about Pinterest to get the results you need.

  • Better work/life balance

Who doesn’t want the above? By outsourcing Pinterest to a specialist you create more time for yourself which you can spend on the things you love. 

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Final Thoughts

So now you know more about what a Pinterest manager/specialist is and what they can do for your company. Are you ready to include Pinterest in your digital marketing strategy? Then DM me, I can help. 

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Happy pinning!