Although January is not finished yet, we are nearing the end of it which means we need  to start thinking about what content to pin and create in February. So let’s talk about February trends on Pinterest!

It is important to be aware of the trends on Pinterest as Pinterest is a search engine. Knowing which keywords to use in your content and in your own searches this month will optimise your chances to drive traffic to your website. 

There are several ways to stay up to date with the Pinterest Trends. The Clever Pins’ Perfect Pinterest Planner is a handy document which gives you all the Pinterest trends in one overview. 

The other way to identify trends on Pinterest is to use the Pinterest Trends Tool. This was introduced in the beginning of 2020 and is a great way of identifying trends on Pinterest. To find it go to Analytics -> Trends. Type in any search term and Pinterest will show you how this has performed over the last year. 

Also make sure you haven’t missed Pinterest Predicts 2021. This is a great report issued by Pinterest of all the trends for the coming year. 

Remember pinners are planners, they look ahead, more so now than ever before due to the pandemic. So let’s have a look at what you need to pin and create in February.

Valentine’s Day

This is an obvious one. Valentine’s day gifts search is soaring at the moment as is ‘home date night ideas’. If you are in the art and crafts business then get your content out there as lots of pinners are looking for ideas how to make Valentine’s Day special this year. Valentine’s day decorations are also very popular amongst pinners. 


Spring searches are starting to go up. This is anything from spring cleaning, to spring fashion, spring weddings, Easter as well as Mother’s Day (14 March in the UK).

Remember how in January after the Christmas holidays pinners were looking for organisation tips? This still continues in February. So if you have organisation tips, either for the home or for business, keep putting your content out there. In February pinners are now also starting to think about a good clean. A spring clean of their home, kitchen, wardrobe, home office….

Financial planning

Pinners are still searching for tips regarding financial planning. Christmas has been, Blue Monday has just been and pinners are looking for advice as to how best organise their finances. On top of that searches regarding taxes go up in February. 


Although still a little early in normal years, in 2021 pinners will start to look at gardening ideas, tips and hacks earlier this year. With the pandemic still throwing our lives upside down pinners are looking for something positive in the future. They will be looking at how to prepare their garden ready to be in full bloom in the summer. Anything from how to grow fruit and vegetables, how to build a garden shed, gardening on a budget, building raised beds to name a few. Start creating your content and start putting it out there. 


As always I hope above is helpful and you will be able to create new content that drives traffic. Remember, to make life easy for yourself use the Pinterest scheduler or a scheduling tool like Tailwind. 

Make sure you get the Clever Pins’ Perfect Pinterest Planner and if you need help with pin design, do check out the Clever Pins’ shop for easy and not expensive pin template packages. 

Let me know how you are getting on!  Happy pinning!

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