Updated October 2021.

October is fast drawing to a close so it is time to look at what content to pin and create in November 2021.

Being a search engine, you can predict trends on Pinterest! Which is great because if you are a business marketing your products and services on the platform it is important to be aware of them! There are several ways to stay up to date with the Pinterest Trends. One way is to download the The Clever Pins’ Perfect Pinterest Planner This is a handy document which gives you all the Pinterest trends in one overview. No more hours of searching on Pinterest!

The other option is the Pinterest Trends Tool. This tool was introduced in the beginning of 2020 and is a great way of identifying trends on Pinterest. To find it go to Analytics -> Trends. Type in any search term and Pinterest will show you how this has performed over the last year. 

Also make sure you haven’t missed Pinterest Predicts 2021. This is a great report issued by Pinterest of all the trends for the coming year. So let’s have a look at what content to pin and create in Novenber 2021.

Holiday season

With Thanksgiving now around the corner, 26 November, quickly followed by Hanukkah and then Christmas searches for toys, gifts, gift guides, holiday inspired arts and crafts, decor and family games has been increasing. So if you are in this industry make sure you have your content out there to not miss out on traffic to your website. 

Holiday Recipes, Entertaining

With above comes of course holiday recipes and entertaining. Lots of searches about holiday inspired recipes (starters, mains, dessert) table settings and decoration, 

New Year

With regards to New Year celebrations, we will be able to gather in bigger groups again and have a party, so pinners are looking for outfits, shoes, nail and hair inspiration etc. Pinnners are looking to make New Year’s eve special this year as so many of us missed it last year. Make sure you put your content out there for pinners to draw inspiration from. 

Moving on from the holiday season, going into the new year pinners will be looking for fitness regimes, new year’s resolutions, diets and organisation. The latter ranges from house organisation, to organising work/home office and family life. Try and incorporate this into your content.

cup of hot chocolate what to pin in November

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday is a big thing, in America but also more and more in the UK. Post your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. If you are in the financial sector this is a great time to talk to your audience about how they can make their money go further. Looking further ahead than November and December, start putting your budgeting and financial organisation content out there now because that is going to be big in the new year.

Final Thoughts

If you want to be marketing your products/services on Pinterest you need to think ahead and look at what special days are coming up. Remember pinners are planners! For this type of content it is good practice to start pinning at least 45 days before the actual event. 

I hope the above is helpful and you will be able to create new content that drives traffic. Make sure you get the Clever Pins’ Perfect Pinterest Planner to help you with your content. 

If you need help with pin design, do check out the Clever Pins’ shop for ready made pin template packages. And remember to make life easy for yourself by using the Pinterest scheduler or a scheduling tool like Tailwind. 

Let me know how you are getting on! Happy pinning!

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