Oh my it is almost March! Spring is in the air; days are getting warmer (slightly) and longer (definitely) and there is good news in the UK about coming out of lockdown! It is time to start thinking about what content to pin and create in March. 

Pinners are planners and look months ahead when planning big events in their lives, more so now than ever before because of the pandemic. Being a search-based platform it is possible to identify trends. Knowing the trends on Pinterest and using them should be part of your strategy as tapping into them could potentially drive more traffic to your website! And who wouldn’t want that!

There are several ways to stay up to date with the Pinterest Trends. The Clever Pins’ Perfect Pinterest Planner is a handy document which gives you all the Pinterest trends in one overview.  The other way to identify trends on Pinterest is to use the Pinterest Trends Tool. This was introduced in the beginning of 2020 and is a great way of identifying trends on Pinterest. To find it go to Analytics -> Trends. Type in any search term and Pinterest will show you how this has performed over the last year. Also make sure you haven’t missed Pinterest Predicts 2021. This is a great report issued by Pinterest of all the trends for the coming year. 

So let’s have a look at what you need to pin and create in March.

What to pin and create

March is all about Spring, Gardening and Easter. However this year, due to the pandemic, I would suspect summer related searches will start earlier than normal on Pinterest. 

So let’s have a look at the trends for March 2021.


It is usually when we come to the end of the dark months that pinners start thinking about anything to do with Spring. Searches for spring cleaning, spring decor, spring crafts and spring flowers normally go up around this time. Is this a trend you can use? Then start putting your content out there and hone in on some extra traffic.


Related to Spring are Easter searches. Anything from Easter craft ideas, Easter recipes, Easter basket ideas and Easter egg hunts to name a few. However this year, seeing that people in the UK can travel to self contained holiday accommodation from around 12 April, I suspect searches for weekends away will start to rise. 


When the days start getting slightly warmer and longer, pinners start searching for gardening related topics. This can be anything from garden decoration ideas, garden decor, garden art, spring plants, spring flowers, garden furniture etc.


As mentioned earlier from around 12 April people in the UK will be able to travel again to self contained holiday accommodation. There is also a chance, not certain yet,  that British people will be able to travel abroad again in the summer. This news will increase any summer related searches. So if you are in the travel industry or can use this trend in your content you need to start using it as pinners will start searching for it. 

Final thoughts

Remember Pinterest wants fresh content, this does not mean you have to produce new content all the time. Repurpose an old blog using one of the trends mentioned above if you can, give it a new pin template and put it out there. There is no magic formula to Pinterest, it is different for every company but consistency is key.

As always I hope above is helpful and you will be able to create new content that drives traffic. Remember, to make life easy for yourself use the Pinterest scheduler or a scheduling tool like Tailwind. 

Make sure you get the Clever Pins’ Perfect Pinterest Planner and if you need help with pin design, do check out the Clever Pins’ shop for easy and not expensive pin template packages. Let me know how you are getting on!  Happy pinning!

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