As June is drawing to a close we need to start concentrating on what content to pin and create in July!

This month the Clever Pins’ trends blog is slightly different. Yes there are still the usual trends which you need to take into consideration, more about that later, but this year is a special year because of the pandemic.

The world is slowly coming out of lockdown and pinners are excited but also apprehensive, which shows in their behaviour on the platform. They don’t just want to look onward, they also want to keep looking inward. 

Let’s have a look at what that means.

Inward, onward

Now that we are slowly coming out of lockdown in parts of the world, Pinterest has been looking at the behaviour of their audience on the platform. And what they have discovered is that pinners are not just looking onward, but also inward. 

What this means is that they are excited about what the future will bring but they are also scared that the new life they have established in the past, almost, 1 ½ years is going to slowly disappear. Something they do not want. A lot of people have made significant lifestyle changes during the pandemic, changes they do not want to give up now that the world is slowly going back to ‘normal’.

Pinterest has identified 5 new personas:

  • The Routine Ritualist
  • The Prioritized Parent
  • The New Nomad
  • The Eco Evangelist
  • The Emerging Entrepreneur

These 5 different personas are looking for different things on the platform to sustain the life they have created for themselves during lockdown.

The Routine Ritualist

This persona has created a rich routine during lockdown in order to stay physically and emotionally fit. It is something they do not want to give up now that the world is opening up.

A few facts comparing 2021 vs 2019:

  • 34x increase in searches for workout routine at home 
  • 22x increase in searches for soulfood sunday dinner ideas
  • 6x increase in searches for daily routine schedule for adults

What does that mean for your business on Pinterest? Think about how you can help this persona keep up these routines while they are going back to work in the office.

The Prioritised Parent

During lockdown parents have reconnected with their immediate families. Stronger bonds have been created and it is not something they are willing to give up or compromise on.

A few facts comparing 2021 vs 2019:

  • 93x increase in searches for cute mother daughter tattoos
  • 34x increase in searches for family dinner meals
  • 6x increase in searches for movie nights at home with kids

The way you as a business can help this persona is by coming up with bonding ideas which can be incorporated in a post-lockdown world, ie a world where time will be more limited. How can you help parents maintain this new found connection they have created?

The New Nomad

These are the people who have reconnected with nature and the great outdoors in all different ways. 

A few facts comparing 2021 vs. 2019:

  • 39x increase in searches for small backyard ponds
  • 34x increase in searches for dream vacation destinations
  • 12x increase in searches for road trip bag

How can you help this persona? Imagine how your products or services can help this pinner continue to reconnect with the outdoors and their new found love for nature.  

The Eco Evangelist

With sitting at home a substantial number of pinners started to rethink their buying habits and  their impact on the world; they started implementing more sustainable ways of living. Something they want to prioritise while coming out of lockdown. 

A few facts comparing 2021 vs 2019:

  • 10x increase in searches for sustainable lifestyle
  • 8x increase in searches for raw vegan recipes for beginners
  • 2x increase in searches for smart home design

For this persona it is important to know that companies they buy from think along the same lines. Make sure you talk about your eco-friendly packaging, what your recycling policy is or how you minimise your company’s carbon footprint. 

The Emerging Entrepreneur

Companies have had to pivot this past year. Whilst before they were able to sell offline, a substantial amount of businesses have had to move their business online to survive. At the same time businesses have started to re-evaluate their mission and values. 

A few facts comparing 2021 vs 2019:

  • 98x increase in searches for small company packaging ideas
  • 23x increase in searches for small business plan
  • 4x increase in searches for entrepreneur motivation

Think about how your business can help the emerging entrepreneurs. Have you got products or services that can help them? Have you got hints, tips and advice?

If you want more information read Inward, onward: what your audience needs from you post-pandemic.

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What about the ‘usual’ trends?

Can you still create and pin content based on the ‘normal’ trends on Pinterest? Yes of course! For the month of July, pinners are still searching for summer ideas, anything from holiday destinations to summer crafts, to recipes, to gardening ideas, to summer parties, to give you a few ideas.

Believe it or not but if you have products/content for back to school you need to start putting this out there as searches for this will go up during July. 

And then we can slowly start thinking about Autumn (mad isn’t it?), have you got any content Autumn related (fashion, recipes, halloween to name a few) start creating in July to make sure it is ready to go for August. 

Finally thoughts

As said earlier a slightly different Trends blog, but then again we are living in different times. 

I hope the above is helpful and you will be able to create new content that drives traffic. Make sure you get the Clever Pins’ Perfect Pinterest Planner to help you with your content. 

If you need help with pin design, do check out the Clever Pins’ shop for easy and not expensive pin template packages. And remember to make life easy for yourself by using the Pinterest scheduler or a scheduling tool like Tailwind. 

Let me know how you are getting on!

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Happy pinning!

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