Updated August 2021

This blog will look at what rich pins are, why they are important for your business account and how to install them. You might recall my blog post about how to get started on Pinterest as a business which explains 3 easy steps to setting up a business account. One of these steps is the installation of rich pins. So let’s have a look at what rich pins are, why you need them and how to install them. 

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What are Rich Pins?

Rich pins are important to install when you have a business account as they provide metadata to your pin. This means a rich pin will allow you to present more information about the pin and the content it is linked to. In other words it is an extra opportunity for you to use the right keywords.

According to Pinterest a Rich Pin is a type of organic Pin that automatically syncs information from your website to your Pins. You can identify Rich Pins by the extra information above and below the image in close-up and the bold title in your feed. If something changes on the original website, the Rich Pin is updated to reflect that change.

Product Rich Pin

The aim of product rich pins is to make shopping easier for pinners. Features of this type of rich pin are information regarding the price, availability and where you will be able to buy the product, ie URL. Great when you are in e-commerce or have an Etsy-shop.

Recipe Rich Pin

If you are a food blogger or a cook this is the rich pin for you. By installing this type of rich pin you will be able to showcase ingredients, cooking times, measurements on your pin.

Article Rich Pin

If you are a blogger or service provider you need this rich pin. It will create a section for your headline, author and story description.

App Rich Pin

This type of rich pin is only compatible with iOS at the moment. It gives you the option to allow your audience to download your App straight from Pinterest.

Why Do You Need Rich Pins?

As I explained briefly at the start of this blog a rich pin provides extra metadata to your pin. This metadata is pulled automatically from your website, which is one of the reasons why rich pins are so great. In the below example the text in the pink box is pulled straight from the Clever Pins’ website (I have article rich pins enabled as I am a service provider and write blogs about my industry). It is information that cannot be deleted or altered so will stay with the pin.

Metadata on a pin template

If you have a shop and, therefore, have product rich pins enabled, when you run out of stock, this information is automatically updated on your Pinterest account. 

Rich pins are great for SEO as it means it is an opportunity for an extra description and so an opportunity to use extra/other keywords. This will improve your ranking within Pinterest.

How To Install Rich Pins?

Installing rich pins is a two-step process:

  1. Add metadata to your website
  2. Apply for rich pins

1. Add Metadata To Your Website

To add metadata to your website you need to install a plugin, like Yoast. Yoast is free to install and will help you with your content optimisation. A plugin like Yoast helps with internal links, optimisation of images, keywords density and title length to name a few things. 

Click here to install Yoast.

To install Yoast follow the next 3 steps (see also image below):

  1. Go to SEO -> Social
  2. Click on the Facebook tab (a bit confusing I know but this is the right way!)
  3. Put the Open Graph meta data on ‘Enabled’

That is it! You can start adding meta data to your website!

Yoast Plugin explained to enable rich pins


2. Apply for Rich Pins

The next step is to verify your rich pins. For this you will need the Rich Pin Validator. Choose a page on your website that you have added metadata to. Put the URL in the validator and click Validate

Next choose HTML Tags, oEmbed or Shopify, depending on how you marked up your page. 

Click apply now. 

And remember you only need to validate one of your pages to enable rich pins. 

It can take a couple of hours for Pinterest to verify and confirm that you now have rich pins enabled. 

Final Thoughts

So now you know what rich pins are, why you need them and how to install them, you can create eye-catching pins with fabulous descriptions which will start to drive more traffic to your website. 

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Happy pinning!