What are on-pin statistics and how can you use them. As you know Pinterest has analytics tools which can give you insight into many statistics. You can access these from the Analytics tab but did you know you can also access analytics from a pin? This is a slightly different way of accessing data and will give you information about a specific pin. So how does that work I can hear you ask! Let’s have a look.

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What are pin statistics?

Pin statistics are the data you can find under a pin. They consist of sessions/impressions, saves and outbound clicks for static pins:

Image of static pin to show the statistics feature

Video pins only show 2 statistics: sessions and saves.

photo of video pin to indicate the analytics features

Continuing with the first example, when you click the little data icon in the bottom left corner, you will see the following screen:

Close up of pin to indicate the pin statistics


As you can see you will get the same statistics at the top but you also have the option to ‘see more stats’! If you press that button you will get access to yet another statistic, namely pin clicks. This means pinners have clicked on your pin from their search feed to get a close up.

Final metrics on a pin


Whilst these numbers are not big, what they tell me is that four pinners have clicked to get a close up of this pin of whom 2, so 50%, have clicked through to my website! So sometimes you might think your numbers are small but if you dig deeper into them they might surprise you!

All of these statistics are data from the past 30 days. You can change this by using the drop down menu at the left hand side. The other elements you can change are content type devices and All sources. These give you options to just look at organic content, paid content, which devices pinners used as well as if you want to analyse data of just your pins or all the pins on your account.   

Why should you use on-pin statistics?

As I said in my Basic Guide to Pinterest Analytics, Pinterest statistics are not always that reliable and it is always best to compare them with another data source like Google Analytics.

The statistics you find on pins are from a 30 day period. This means that once the pin is more than 30 days old, the data you see is only from the last 30 days. In other words the data does not accumulate, which would be much better. So this is definitely something to keep in mind. Another thing to remember is that the metrics you see is the total of that particular pin, ie if you have pinned that pin to four different boards, it will give you the total data of that pin on those four boards.

I use the statistics mainly in the first 30 days of when a pin goes live as I want to see how many impressions it gets. Depending on how it is performing I will then go back to it once a month to track it.

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Final Thoughts

On-pin statistics are useful to see how a particular pin is performing as, unlike Google Analytics, they do tell you how many pinners have seen your pin and have interacted with it (close up and saves). However, if you want to measure overall performance, including click throughs, you need to use Pinterest analytics in combination with another analytics tool for overall performance. This can be Google Analytics but I would also use Tailwind.

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Happy pinning!