How and why to use them in your marketing strategy.

Pinterest has released the Top 100 Trends for 2020! A document which is important for all businesses marketing their products and/or services on Pinterest. So also for you!

What is your strategy as a business on Pinterest?

As a business on Pinterest what you are looking for is to grow your online presence and drive more traffic to your website to, ultimately, increase sales and grow your business. Companies do this by putting content in the form of products or blog posts on Pinterest. As a Pinterest Marketing Strategist I help companies decide how to go about this and what the best strategy is. If you want more information about what a Pinterest Strategist does, read my blog Here’s why you should hire a Pinterest VA!

Photo of scrunchies which is one of the highest noticed trends on Pinterest. And as such identified as one of the Top 100 Pinterest marketing trends for 2020.

What most people do not know is that, unfortunately, just marketing and promoting your products/services is not going to do the trick. It will not just magically move traffic to your website and make you rich! If you are using Pinterest as a marketing tool you need to play the Pinterest game and I will explain how to do it!

What are the Pinterest Top 100 Trends?

As you know Pinterest is a visual search engine. People go onto Pinterest to look for new ideas, whether this being for themselves or for their business. Pinners are actively looking for new trends, Pinterest knows this and tracks them. To find the trends for this year they have compared global search volumes from August 2017 to July 2018 with those of August 2018 to July 2019. From these they have identified 100 topics with ‘significant search volumes and consistent, upward growth’, which they group into ten categories. These 100 trends are released once a year.

The trends for 2020 are:

  1. Beyond binary
  2. Conscious consumption
  3. Finding balance
  4. Home hub
  5. Internationally inspired
  6. Pampered pets
  7. Responsible travel
  8. Re-wilding
  9. Space everything
  10. 90s re-run

So how to use the Pinterest Trends.

The trends are important as they indicate what pinners are looking for on the platform. As a business, marketing your products on Pinterest, it is crucial to be aware of these trends and to use them in your marketing strategy. In other words you need to try and link the trends to what your company does.

I can hear you think….but what does that mean? Let me explain. As you know for any business to start selling products/services, it is important to build a relationship with your customers. You do this by showing them that you know what they are looking for and by helping them. In other words, it means as a business you need to create content that your audience is looking for which might not necessarily be your product or service! Indirect marketing becomes part of your marketing strategy!

Whatever line of business you are in it is important to include the trends into your content to build that relationship with potential  clients/customers and get the click throughs you need to grow your business. Some trends are easier than others!

Global Warming - factories' fumes polluting our planet. Global warming is one of the Pinterest top 100 trends for 2020 and should be included in your Pinterest marketing strategy.
Global Warming, Category 2, +5961% – Photo by Karl Gerber from Pexels

Examples of how trends can work for you.

Category 2 Conscious consumption: Protest posters (+5961%)

This is a MUST trend for any company to put in their content. In 2020 companies need to operate more environmentally-friendly, choose sustainable products to sell and work with and show the world how they are doing it. As a company marketing your products on Pinterest and to make sure you attract your audience this trend needs to be visible in your content.

Below are examples of how you can do this, if you are a:

Teacherpreneur: create teaching resources about sustainable products, waste management, climate change, blog about the importance of teaching our children.

Virtual Assistant: create a blog post and tell your audience how you run an environmentally friendly business.

Photographer: same as virtual assistants, tell your audience how you develop photos and what type of paper you print photos on, how your business is environmentally friendly.

Restaurateur: eco-friendly materials used in your restaurant, waste management policy in your restaurant.

Fashion-designer: how you use eco-friendly materials in your designs.

Fitness instructor: blog about how you got rid of everything plastic in your gym (cups, straws), how you reduce laundry by encouraging customers to bring their own towels.

DIY store owner: blog about how more and more sustainable products are being used in the DIY industry and the benefits of it.

As you can see this trend is not too complicated to incorporate into your content.

Here is another one.

Category 10 – 90s re-run: Scrunchies (+6309%)

Teacherpreneur: write a blog post about your time in school and your love for scrunchies.

Virtual Assistant: write a blog post linking scrunchies to the 90s and how there were no virtual assistants back then and what the benefits are of hiring a virtual assistant.

Photographer: do a photoshoot of scrunchies and write a blog about it.

Restaurateur: link the luxurious materials being used for scrunchies back to the materials you use in your restaurant.

Fashion designer: write a blog about how scrunchies were fashionable in the 80s and 90s and have now made a come back.

Fitness instructor: write a blog about how scrunchies are perfect for tying your hair back while doing exercise, write a blog about the latest fashionable fitness gear and include scrunchies.

DIY store owner: write a blog in which you link the comeback of the scrunchie to products in the DIY industry which were popular and have made a comeback as well.

By using above strategy it gives you the opportunity to reach customers that you might not concentrate on otherwise. But moreover, you expand your brand and you build your reputation as a company that is worth doing business with.

If you want more information about the Trends for 2020, please visit Pinterest Top 100 Trends for 2020.

Start integrating the trends into your marketing strategy, it works!

I would love to hear what you think of the Top 100 for 2020 and which trends you are thinking about using in YOUR marketing strategy!