Whilst they were introduced in the US in September 2020 (beta in March 2020), story pins have only recently entered the Pinterest scene in the UK. If you are unsure of what they are or how to use them then this blog is for you. It has everything you need to know about what story pins are, why you should create them and how to start using them.

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What are story pins?

Story pins are pins consisting of multiple pages that tell a story or give instructions. Pinterest designed them to give you the opportunity to showcase your product or service in a different way than in a static or video pin. 

Story pins can have a maximum of 20 pages and consists of images and/or videos and text. The idea is that you will be able to give your audience more information about a certain topic, whether this is a recipe, how you make a certain product, what the benefits are of the service you offer etc etc. 

You can recognise story pins by the little Story icon in the top-left corner:

Photo of story pin to show icon of the slide counter















Story pins should be 5 pages or more. 

Why should you create story pins

Now we know what story pins are, let’s have a look at why you should create story pins. Especially as story pins have a bit of a ‘downside’ to them as you cannot link a URL to it! In other words your audience will not go to your website, they will stay on the platform. So what are they for I can hear you think! Story pins are for engagement and they are amazing for it!

Have a look at below static pin and story pin and the difference between them:

Photo of a static pin to illustrate how many less impressions it gets than a story pinPhoto of a story pin with statistics to indicate how high the level of engagement is.

















Your audience can comment on your story pin and react to it using a lightbulb, heart, start, wow and smiley face emoji.

Photo of story pin emojis on Pinterest









Tailwind did a research study of 20 million different types of pins created between 12 Feb – 12 March 2021 and what they found was that story pins 41x more saves than static pins! That is pretty amazing. 

How to create story pins

The next step is to look into how you create story pins. Like your other pins, this is not difficult. 

In your ‘Saved’ tab, click the + sign on the right hand side. Then choose ‘Story pin’. And ‘Create New’.


















The next couple of screens are fairly straightforward, you will be asked to:

  1. Upload your graphics
  2. Choose your layout and background fill
  3. Choose your image
  4. Choose your text*
  5. Add details (if you have them)
  6. Fill in your pin title, choose your board, and add tags before you hit ‘Publish’

*If you have pre-created your images in Canva, you can just click through step 2-4.

As you cannot fill in a pin description for Story pins it is important you incorporate your keywords in the different slides to make sure you show up in your ICA’s search results. 

Final thoughs

And voila, you have created your first Story pin! Not too difficult was it? Now you can watch the impressions and engagement go up!

One more little tip, Pinterest has created story pins with the goal to keep pinners on the platform, it is therefore bad form to put your URL on the last slide of your story pin. This topic has come up in several webinars and FB group discussions and it appears that Pinterest can even mark you down for putting your URL and not show your content to your audience so you will want to stay well clear of that.

What you can use is a call to action. Something like ‘do you want more …info, come and follow my ….board’ or ‘do you want more info, sign up for our newsletter. 

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Happy pinning!