This page holds all the Clever Pins’ resources, freebies and recommendations. Have a little browse, you might find something you like!


Below are the Clever Pins Freebies! Useful documents you can use for your Pinterest marketing strategy. 

Clever Pins’ Perfect Pin Guide

Here is the Clever Pins’ Perfect Pin Guide.  A basic guide to the important elements for your pin design. You are 5 steps away from the perfect pin!


Clever Pins’ Perfect Pinterest Planner

The Clever Pins’ Perfect Pinterest Planner is THE planner to help you identify Pinterest trends. All the trends identified in one handy document!


Resources & Tools

Below is a selection of the tools I use in my business. I would not recommend tools if I wasn’t 100% happy about them. Have a look and if you want to start using them please click the button. 


When your pinning schedule gets to the point where it is not possible to keep it up manually, it is time to start thinking about a scheduling tool. Tailwind is a great option. It lets you set up a pinning schedule, smartloop schedule, you can join tribes to grow your audience and you have access to statistics! Click the button to find out more.


Canva is an amazing design tool, one you cannot live without for your digital marketing. Pin templates, design presentations and social media graphics are just a few options. Since launching in 2013 Canva has published over 1 billion designs! Canva comes with a free option but if you ready to go Pro then click the button.  

I recently booked a Power Hour with Linda to understand more about the basics of Pinterest. I had not used Pinterest before and when I tried to set it up, I found it quite difficult. Linda talked through repurposing my content on Pinterest and how to get the best from the platform. Linda is kind, patient, and extremely knowledgeable about all things Pinterest. I would highly recommend Linda’s services to anyone looking for a presence on the platform.

Jacy Ellenio

Virtually Accomplished

I have always used Facebook / Instagram / LinkedIn for business and have never considered Pinterest for anything other than planning out decor or creative garden ideas! Linda set up my business profile from scratch and over the month, grew my account gradually. Considering I only have limited blog posts/content on my website at the moment, I was impressed with the service Clever Pins provided and can see the potential in Pinterest as a business tool.

Harnessing Pinterest as a marketing tool needs time and dedication. I highly recommend Clever Pins for any busy business owner.

Nikki Ridette-Morgan

Let Nikki Help

When your Pinterest account looks like it’s coming apart at the seams it is time to reach out to ask someone whom others consider the “Queen of Pinterest” for guidance. Linda was quick to answer my questions with patience & professionalism. She provided much-needed guidance. With her explanation it was quick to see why I haven’t gotten the eyes on my pins I had previously had. Thank you Linda! You have been a tremendous help!

Stephanie Wium

Creative Designer - Simply On Demand

After watching various tutorials on Pinterest and not feeling satisfied with what I had learned, I arranged a session with Linda who was recommended to me by a number of people. Wow! I would highly recommend anyone wanting to learn what Pinterest can do for their business to book a call with Linda. What Linda doesn’t know about Pinterest isn’t worth knowing!

Sarah German

VaVa Ltd

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