In the beginning of 2020 Pinterest launched a new tool: Pinterest Trends! At first they just rolled it out in the US but we now have it in the UK as well! It is a neat little tool that you should be using as part of your Pinterest strategy, it will help make your life easier. This blog will tell you what it is and how to use it. 

What is the Pinterest Trends Tool?

Before we have a look at how the Trends tool works, let’s see what it is first. Pinterest Trends is a new keyword tool that will enable you to identify trends in Pinterest. In order to find the Pinterest Trends Tool, go to Analytics -> Trends.

Image of where to find the PInterest Trends Tool.

This will bring you to the Pinterest Trends ‘home page’ if you like. In the top right corner you can change the location. At the moment it is set to the UK, but if your main audience is in the US or Canada, you can search for the main trends there as well. 

Type keywords in the search bar and Pinterest will indicate the number of searches for these keywords over time. 

For example if you are searching for ‘Gardening ideas’, Pinterest will come up with the following:

Pinterest Trends graph for Gardening ideas.

As you can see searches sky-rocketed in March of this year ( I wonder why? 😉).

A search for Christmas will show you that pinners start using this keyword from about August and that it has a very steady rise all the way to Christmas. It then drops right down from January. If you are selling any products or services related to Christmas this is important information!

Pinterest trends graph for Christmas keyword.

Pinterest likes content to be on the platform approximately 45 days before the actual ‘event’. However above trend shows that, if you are in the Christmas ‘business’, you could even put your content out there from as early as August. 

If you want to compare keywords, the maximum number of searches you can do is 4 at the moment. 

Pinterest Trends graph for 4 different keywords.

How can the Pinterest Trends tool help your business?

Pinterest Trends is a nifty little tool for several reasons. First of all it will help you decide when to put your content on Pinterest. Looking at the Christmas example, this indicates that if you are in the Christmas ‘business’ in whichever shape or form, you can start putting your content out there from about Aug/Sept. This means you can start driving traffic to your website a lot earlier than you probably thought. 

When searching on Pinterest Trends, the platform will indicate related keywords. This is important as it gives you an idea of what other terms pinners are searching for. Above is also great for your keyword research and for writing your Pin titles and descriptions.

Another feature of Pinterest Trends is that it will show you popular pins for the search term you have put in. This is great as it will help you with your content creation as these are pin templates pinners are clicking on.


Pinterest Trends is a great new little tool and I would recommend using it. BUT not on its own. Each year Pinterest brings out its Top 100 trends for the next year, which is an important document and which you should be using for your Pinterest marketing strategy. Also, as Pinterest has seasonal trends, it is good to have a yearly Pinterest Planner. If you haven’t got one, then please download the Clever Pins’ Perfect Pinterest Planner for free! It will help you plan your content the whole year round and will give you great ideas for your content creation. 

Good luck with using the new tool! I for one am very excited about it. Let me know how you get on!