Updated September 2021

You might recall my blog post about pin titles . I spoke about the fact that pin titles may seem small and insignificant, but that they are actually worth paying attention to as they are great for SEO. The same counts for pin descriptions! This blog will tell you what they are, how to write them and why they are important. It is the ULTIMATE guide.

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What Are Pin Descriptions

A pin description is a little bit of text at the bottom of your pin which people can see when they have clicked on your pin and they get a close up. It is a blurb of what your pin is about.

Pin descriptions can have a maximum of 500 characters but it is the first 50-60 that will show up in people’s feeds. This means you need to put the most important information with the most important keywords at the beginning. Keyword research is not difficult but requires a bit of time. 

Why Are Pin Descriptions Important

So the next question to answer is why pin descriptions are important. According to Pinterest pin description ‘add context and reinforce your brand’. Pin descriptions are great for SEO and engagement and hence increasing traffic. 

In order for Pinterest to get your pin in front of the right people, your niche, you need to use the right keywords. One of the best places to put keywords is in your pin description. As said your description can be 500 characters long so there is quite a bit of space and opportunity for you to reach out to your audience. Do not go overboard with your keywords, in other words don’t ‘keyword stuff’. Only use the relevant ones and you can fit in a couple of hashtags. 

Although the opinions are divided about hashtags, and it definitely doesn’t work the same as Instagram (ie. you don’t need 30!), there are pinners out there who are searching on hashtags. So in order to reach those pinners, you might want to give it a go. 

Pin descriptions are also great for engagement. Pinterest has found that pins with a pin description with your business name in leads to more email sign ups. Not only that but your pin description is a great place to put in a call to action and increase engagement that way.  

How To Write Pin Descriptions

The next question to answer is how to write pin descriptions. As mentioned before you have 500 characters for your pin descriptions. In order to write good pin descriptions you need to put yourself in the shoes of your audience: what are they looking for, what do they want to know, what are they searching for?

Don’t use formal language, Pinterest is not the platform, and make sure you have the most important part in the first 50-60 characters as this is what pinners will see in their feed. A call for action is great for engagement and add some hashtags if they work for you.

Where To Insert Your Descriptions

There are two places where you can input your description, in Pinterest or in Tailwind. 

In Pinterest you put your pin description here:


And in Tailwind you have a field here:

How to write pin descriptions in Pinterest

Both fields will indicate when you have gone over the maximum amount of characters.

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Final Thoughts

Like pin titles, descriptions are not difficult but they do need your attention if you want to be successful on Pinterest.

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Happy pinning!