Pinterest Predicts 2021 is here and I am going to tell you how and why you should use it for your marketing strategy!

As a business this document is important as it tells you what pinners are looking for on the platform. It should therefore inform your marketing strategy. 

Pinterest doesn’t see this document as a typical trends document, they call it a ‘not yet trending report’. It is a window into the future from the platform where people go to plan theirs (their words not mine!).

Strategy on Pinterest

As a business on Pinterest, what you are looking for is to grow your online presence and drive more traffic to your website to, ultimately, increase sales and grow your business. Companies do this by pinning content related to their products/services on Pinterest. As a Pinterest Marketing Strategist I help companies decide how to go about this and what the best strategy is. 

What most people do not know is that, unfortunately, just marketing and promoting your products/services is not going to do the trick. It will not just magically move traffic to your website and get you those sales! If you are using Pinterest as a marketing tool you need to play the Pinterest game and use the Pinterest Predictions. I will explain how to do it!

What is ‘Pinterest Predicts 2021?’

As you know Pinterest is a visual search engine. People go onto Pinterest to look for new ideas, whether this is for themselves or for their business. Pinners are actively looking for new trends, Pinterest knows this and tracks them. To find predictions for the next year, they compare global search volumes from different time periods. From there they can identify trends and make predictions. They release the new trends once a year. This year they have divided up them up into 11 categories.

So how to use the Pinterest Predictions.

The trends are important as they indicate what pinners are looking for on the platform. As a business, marketing your products/services on Pinterest, it is crucial to be aware of these trends and to try and use them in your marketing strategy. In other words you need to try and link the trends to what your company does.

I can hear you think….but what does that mean? Let me explain. As you know for any business to start selling products/services, it is important to build a relationship with your customers. You do this by showing them that you know what they are looking for and by helping them. In other words, it means as a business you need to create content that your audience is looking for. This might not necessarily be your product or service! Indirect marketing becomes part of your marketing strategy! Whatever line of business you are in it is important to include the trends into your content to build that relationship with potential  clients/customers and get the click throughs you need to grow your business. 

Photo of different crystals

How to include the Pinterest Predictions in your content

It is not always possible to include the predictions into your content. It sometimes needs a bit of creativity as some trends are easier than others! Let’s have a look at some examples. 

Manifesting is the new nesting

Search terms: protection crystals, manifestation techniques, fantasy map making, visualise your highest self, zodiac sign facts

Virtual Assistant: Create a blog post and tell your audience about how you journal to create the best version of yourself using self-reflection and goal setting techniques.

Photographer: Create a blog post with photos of different crystals to show how people use manifestation in their lives or photograph feng shui interiors.

Fitness instructor: Blog about how manifestation can help your fitness regime by implementing self reflection.

DIY store owner: Feng shui products for different rooms in the house or promote colours of your products with different spiritual properties. 

Shelfies are the new gallery walls

Search terms: copper cookware, coloured glassware, kitchen floating shelves decor, plate racks in kitchen, clay plates

Virtual assistant: If you are not thinking about refurbishing your kitchen, you might have to dig deep here and look at your clients. Do you happen to have a restaurant or an event organiser as a client? If so, you can include the above in the blog posts and do a client review. 

Photographer: Create content with above search terms. Even if your speciality is family portraits you can showcase your skills by photographing above search terms. 

Fitness instructor: Slightly more complicated for fitness instructors but you can link it to healthy diets and make sure the images for your content use above search terms. 

DIY store owner: Promote kitchen floating shelves, plate racks in kitchen, copper cookware, coloured glassware and clay plates. 

Embroidery is the new tie-dye

Search terms: Glass etching designs, crochet basics, aesthetic embroidery, bottle painting ideas, leather working tools

Virtual assistant: Create a blog post about self care and how having hobbies is important for mental health and running your own business. 

Photographer: Showcase your photos of different embroidery, crochet, bottle painting and leather work projects. 

Fitness instructor: Blog about the importance of mental health and how a good fitness regime as well as a hobby help with this.

DIY store owner: Showcase your glass etching, bottle painting and leather work tools. 

By using the above strategy it gives you the opportunity to reach customers that you might not concentrate on otherwise. But moreover, you expand your brand and you build your reputation as a company that is worth doing business with. Start integrating the trends into your marketing strategy and see what happens!

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I would love to hear what you think of Pinterest Predicts 2021 and which trends you are thinking about using in YOUR marketing strategy!