Updated January 2021

Pin titles may seem insignificant, as they are such a small part of your pin, but they are an important element. If and when thought about carefully, they can make a big difference to your Pinterest marketing. Pin titles are an integral part of your pin and are great for SEO. Keyword research is key for your pinterest marketing and that is no different with regards to your pin titles. 

Before the introduction of pin titles Pinterest would pull metadata, through the installation of Rich Pins, straight from your website onto your pin. This was somewhat limiting as it meant you only had one title for your blog post. This all changed with the introduction of pin titles because we now have the option to use different wording for the same blog. This is brilliant as it gives you the opportunity to test different ones. 

This blog will explore what pin titles are and how to write them. 

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What is a pin title?

Before we look at how to write a good pint title, let’s go back to basics and look at what a pin title actually is. The pin title is a short bit of bold text that accompanies your pin. It provides more context to your pin, not just in the feed but also close up. Pin titles are great for Pinterest but also for pinners. Pinterest uses the pin titles to determine when to display your pin in searches and they are great for pinners as they provide that little bit of extra information about the pin. 

Pin titles can be upto 100 characters and are therefore great for SEO. It is the first 30 characters that will show up under your image. Below is an example of a close up pin:

Example of Pin Title
















And in the feed:

Pin templates in the feed

How to write a good pin title

So, how do we write a good pin title? Well, it requires a bit of thought. What you need to remember is that the pin title provides extra context to your pin. With that in mind it is no good to just copy the text from your pin template or to use wording from your description as this is repetition. Pinterest wants to see EXTRA information in your pin title to entice your readers to click through to your website. Make sure you use keywords you know pinners are using to get to similar content. 

Pinterest advised to use ‘natural language’ and whatever you put as your pin title has to be true to the content.

Below is an example. Note how the text on the pin, the pin title and the pin description all have different wording to optimise your changes to show up in feeds and different searches. 

Pin Title, description and overlay

How to add a pin title to your pin

Adding pin titles is fairly straightforward. When you are creating a new pin, you will put your pin title in the box ‘Add your title’

How to add a pin title

In Tailwind pin titles are automatically pulled from Rich Pin and website data, however, it is always worth checking them as you might want to change them slightly or sometimes they are actually missing.

Pin Titles in Tailwind

Final Thoughs

All in all pin titles are not a tricky part of your pinning strategy but they do require some thought in order to optimise your SEO. 

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Happy pinning and let me know how you are getting on with your pin titles in the comments below!