Does this sound familiar? You have been using Pinterest for a while, the amount of blogs you are creating and the amount of content you have is increasing and you are pinning manually, which is becoming quite labor intensive. It does? Then you need Tailwind

You secretly know you do but the programme looks complicated and you haven’t got the time to figure it all out! Is this how you are feeling? I know you do as I have been there!

But instead of you having to figure it all out on your own, like I did, this blog will tell you everything you need to know about how Tailwind works. It is your basic guide to! If you are not sure if you should be using Tailwind read ‘6 Reasons why…’ I am sure it will convince you. 

We all know Pinterest can be quite labour intensive as it likes fresh content on a consistent basis. If you have to go into your Pinterest account several times a day and pin all your content manually that is going to take a lot of your time. Not just that but you will lose track of what you have pinned and what you haven’t yet. So let’s have a look at how Tailwind works and how it can make your life easier.

First things first

Before I start explaining how to use Tailwind to schedule your pins, let’s have a look at pricing and the tailwind extension. 


A bit of information about Tailwind plans. You can start using Tailwind for free. This used to give you 100 pins for free, nice to start with and try it out. Unfortunately you now only get 20 pins. So you will have to switch to a paid plan quite quickly. 

The first paid plan costs $9.99. With this plan you can connect one Pinterest account, you can schedule unlimited pins, you will have 15 free pins in Tailwind Create and 5 Free Tailwind Communities. 


Before you start using Tailwind make sure you have it connected to your Pinterest account. This is fairly straightforward to do, just follow the steps when you sign up for the free account. 

The next thing you need to do is to download the Tailwind Publishing extension to your browser. This nifty little extension will make scheduling external pins very easy. Below are the links for the different browsers:

Tailwind Chrome extension

Tailwind Firefox extension

Tailwind Safari extension

So how does Tailwind work?

Tailwind can help you with the following tasks:

  1. Optimised scheduling times
  2. Bulk scheduling of pins – own content and 3rd party
  3. Use of intervals to spread out your content

Optimised scheduling times

To start adding pins to your schedule you need to be in Publisher, see photo below. 

PHoto of publisher in Taiwlind


This will get you to the screen with all your scheduled pins. On the right hand side you will see a small thumbnail of all your scheduled pins. On the left hand side you can see your pins with the pin title and the pin descriptions. In this same screen you can also change your time slots, which is the button in the bottom right corner. 

Photo indicating how to change pinning schedule


When you click ‘Add/remove time slots’ it will direct you to a screen with your weekly pinning schedule. Press ‘recreate schedule’ and in the screen that follows you will be able to change the amount of pins per day. 

PHoto indicating the pinning schedule


Bulk schedule pins

Now that you have set up your pinning schedule you can start adding pins to it. Remember Pinterest favours fresh content on a consistent basis. This means you need to concentrate on your own content first and then fill your pinning schedule with 3rd party content. Let’s have a look at how this works.

Scheduling own content

To schedule your own content you use the ‘Create a Pin’ button, which you can find above your pinning schedule on the top right hand side. You will have to make sure your pin template is ready to go and saved on your computer. Choose ‘upload photo/video’. You will be directed to the following screen:

Pin template in Tailwind ready to be scheduled

In this screen you need to fill in the pin title and description and you choose the boards you want to pin this pin template to. 

IF you now hit ‘Add to Queue’ Tailwind will pop the pin template into every empty slot in your schedule. This is NOT what you want! Remember Pinterest favours fresh content on a consistent basis. This means you need to spread out the schedule. To do this you use the INTERVAL feature. More on this later!

Scheduling of 3rd party content

Scheduling 3rd party content is different, for this you need the Tailwind extension that you downloaded earlier. When browsing in Pinterest for something to inspire you, you will see that when you hover over a pin template the Tailwind extension pops up. 

PHoto of Tailwind extension on pins in Pinterest


When you find a pin you like and you want to save it the only thing you have to do is click the Tailwind extension button and it will schedule it straight to Tailwind (a new window will open). Double check the pin has a pin title, description and URL because if not, you won’t be able to schedule it. If above is ok, make sure you select the boards you want to pin it to and click ‘Add to Queue’. And voila, 3rd party content is scheduled!

Using Intervals

As said before Pinterest is looking for fresh content that is added to the platform in a consistent manner. This means that if you want to add a pin to several boards, you need to space this out over several weeks.

Now there is no hard and fast rule for this, companies space content out over 2-7 days, some companies use even longer time frames. Just play with it and see what works for your business.

In order to space content out you will need the Interval feature.

Interval feature


Before you press the interval button, you will need to put in all your board names first. This will then change the little clock icon into a button saying ‘use interval’. Click the button and you will be given the option to choose a start date from the calendar. After this you can indicate how many days you want to space your content out over, as well as if you want the content to be added to open time slots, optimised or exact time slots. Once you are happy with your selections you can press ‘Set Interval’ and Tailwind will add all your pins to the queue.

Interval features with calendar and optimised times

Final thoughts

Tailwind really is the best Pinterest marketing tool, allowing you to bulk schedule your content for months in advance, freeing up time and space for you to concentrate on other parts of your business. 

I hope this guide was helpful and gives you the confidence to start using Tailwind. It will make your life so much easier, I promise!

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