Are you a teacherpreneur or thinking about becoming a teacherpreneur? Are you using Pinterest in your online marketing strategy? Do you think you don’t need Pinterest as a teacherpreneur? Think again! Today I want to talk about how to use Pinterest when you are a teacherpreneur.

For any business on Pinterest, when you have a well thought out Pinterest strategy you will be able to enhance your online presence and attract more potential buyers. According to Pinterest’s latest statistics 93% of pinners use the platform to plan for purchases and 87% said they have purchased something because of Pinterest. Hence there is huge potential for sellers on Pinterest; the platform can give you a very steady stream of new leads, completely FREE! If you are not completely sure about what Pinterest is, read this blog. It is short and to the point and will tell you what Pinterest is and what to think about when setting up a strategy.

For any business to start on Pinterest you need a business account. If you do not know how to set one up, read my blog ‘How to get started on Pinterest as a business’. So, how to use Pinterest when you are a teacherpreneur?


Tip 1 of how to use Pinterest as a teacherpreneur is content. Pinterest is a visual search engine, as such people are on it to search for valuable content. Creating good quality content is important as a teacherpreneur as this is what will set you apart from the others.

Blogging is an extremely important part of being a teacherpreneur, it gives potential buyers an insight into your subject matter knowledge, it will drive traffic to your website and will help build your brand. However, it will also show who you are as a person. The latter is very important because remember, ‘people buy from people’.

When creating content, you need to be aware of who you are creating it for. Who is your ideal client and what are they searching for? Make sure to create content for this.


Tip 2 of how to use Pinterest as a teacherpreneur is keywords. As mentioned above Pinterest is a search engine, it is therefore strategically important to identify the right keywords for your niche and ideal client. Keywords are great for SEO so you would be a fool not to use them. Keywords should be used in your profile, on your board descriptions, in your blog posts and on your pin templates.

You can use Pinterest for keyword research. Type in your main keyword in the search bar. When Pinterest has found the topic you will see little coloured tiles appear underneath the search bar, these are further keywords. When you click on one, it will give you search results for those two keywords.

Create quality pins

Tip 3 of how to use Pinterest as a teacherpreneur is to create quality pins. When creating a pin template, make sure you create a quality one. There are a few things to note here:

  1. Use a good quality photo
  2. Include text to your template
  3. Make sure the copy is relevant

Pin templates can be made in all kinds of programs, but my favourite is Canva. Canva is easy to use and straight forward. You can create folders and save everything in the way you want, making it easy to find back.

Your photo needs to be of a high quality. Pinners are searching for ideas on Pinterest and your pin will not get noticed if you do not have an eye-catching image. It is the first thing pinners look at.

The next important part of your pin template is your text. Make sure you use a noticeable font, size and colour and that your headline stands out! It has to grab people’s attention immediately otherwise they won’t click on your pin, save it and/or click through to your website.

4 girls in school uniform sitting on a desk facing the black board, making hand signs. To indicate how teacherpreneurs can use Pinterest in their online marketing strategy.


Tip 4 of how to use Pinterest as a teacherpreneur is to create relevant boards.You need to see Pinterest as your business card. This means you need to create boards that are relevant to your business. Any personal boards are better as SECRET boards.

Make sure you create boards that are relevant to your niche and ideal client. If you are a KS2 teacher and you mainly sell KS2 resources, you need to make sure you have boards for these. If you blog about life as a teacher and/or life as a teacherpreneur you need to set up relevant boards.  

Boards I can think of:

  1. Year x Maths resources (divided up in sections to accommodate different topics)
  2. Year x History resources (again, divided up in sections)
  3. Curriculum updates
  4. Pastoral

Work together

Tip 5 of how to use Pinterest as a teacherpreneur is to work together.Pinterest works even better when you work together with others. This can be in the form of group boards, tribes or following others in the same industry.

Group boards are great for sharing content. Put in a search and chose ‘Boards’. Different boards will pop up which are relevant to your search criteria. Remember the group boards are the ones with the little circle in the bottom left hand corner.

Tribes can be found in Tailwind. They function the same as group boards; you pin your content and people will reshare it for you. Usually the tribe rule is that for every piece of own content you post, you reshare one.

With above two options your content can get a much wider reach then if you were just pinning on your own boards.

Another great way to work together is to follow people in your industry and to reshare their content.

Build your email list

Tip 6 of how to use Pinterest as a teacherpreneur is to build an email list. Pinterest is great for building your email list, especially when you have a freebie to offer. This freebie can be a worksheet, cheatsheet, list of tips etc).

Make sure you refer to it in your pin template so pinners will click on your pin template and click through to your website. People like a good freebie, so this is a great option to increase your email list.


Pinterest is GREAT for teacherpreneurs. If you keep above 6 tips in mind for your marketing strategy you will be able to create great content and engage the right audience. Patience is key though with Pinterest, as it takes time but with perseverance and persistence you will get there.

I hope above was helpful. Let me know your thoughts in the comments and if I can be of any assistance then do get in touch!

Happy pinning peeps!