Did you know that Pinterest is great for growing your email list? Any business nowadays should have an email list and with Pinterest it is easy to grow it. Just follow these steps. 

Why is an email list important

Before we look into how to grow your email list with Pinterest, let’s have a look at why an email list is so important! Your email list is a list of all the people who have gone through the trouble of giving you their email address in exchange for something that you have to offer. They are essentially your cheerleaders; they are valuable to you and your business so you should cherish them and provide them with value-added information. 

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Choosing Your Email Marketing Provider

In order to build an email list you need an email marketing provider. There is lots of different ones out there. A few examples are Mailchimp, Mailerlite, Convertkit. You will have to look into which one you will want to use. I settled on Mailerlite eventually. I like the way their platform is set out, their information is super to the point and helpful and they have a lot of tutorials for troubleshooting! On top of that it is FREE!

Creating a Lead Magnet

The next step is to create an actual lead magnet, or freebie. It is an incentive for potential clients in exchange for their email address. If you are new to this then just put a post on social media and ask your audience what information they would find really helpful. ALWAYS keep in mind to solve one of your audience’s problems as this is how you will get them to sign up.

Examples of lead magnets are:






How to….

Free trial

A give away

A discount code

The options are limitless really.

Once you have created your freebie, you need to put it on your website. You can do this by way of a pop-up box, or you can create a whole landing page. It is up to you. 

Using Pinterest To Promote It

The next step is to use Pinterest to promote it. Create a pin like you would normally do for one of your blog posts. Make sure you use 1000×1500, use a beautiful image (it is a good idea to use a photo of the actual freebie itself), use text overlay, your brand colours and fonts and include your call to action. Next identify the boards this pin template can be pinned to, remembering to pin it to the most relevant board first so Pinterest indexes it correctly. And voila you are using Pinterest to grow your email list!

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Final Thoughts 

Pinterest is great for driving traffic to your website and when you have your lead magnet set up properly, can be great for growing your email list.

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Happy pinning!