Updated May 2021

Optimising your Pinterest business account is one of the first steps you need to take when you start using the platform. Optimising your account means you will drive more traffic to your website. Contrary to what people think optimising is not complicated you just need to know where and how to start. This blog will give you nine quick and easy tips on how to optimise your Pinterest account to get noticed on the platform. So let’s dive in.

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What is optimisation?

So what is optimisation really? Optimisation means that you use the right keywords so your audience will be able to find you on the platform. With Pinterest being a visual search engine it is vital you use the right keywords as this is how Pinterest indexes your content and it is how your audience finds you. In order to get the right keywords you will need to think like your audience. What words would they  use when they are looking for your product or service? The next step is to use these keywords in all the right places so you optimise your account. Optimisation of your Pinterest account consists of 3 parts, your profile, your boards and your pins.

Optimising Your Pinterest Profile

Optimisation of your profile consists of several parts. You will need to optimize your pinterest name, your bio and you need to make sure you have the right profile photo. 

Pinterest name

Your Pinterest name should be your business name if you run a business. If you are a blogger, you can use your own name. But the name should ALWAYS be the same as your website! This is so pinners don’t get confused, because confused pinners will not click through to your website! You can add more information and elaborate about your business but Pinterest only gives you 30 characters. Use the space wisely to put some pillar keywords in!


This is where you can put some serious optimization in. Everybody has a different set up for their bio but I tell pinners what I do and who my ideal client is. I also include a call for action and tell them about my freebie!. From the moment pinners land on your profile you want to entice them to go to your website and what better way to do that than to offer them something free! You have 160 characters for your bio.


Right, so here you can either put your logo or a photo. If you are a known brand, it is best to put your logo in. However if you are a small business, or a service provider it is better to put a high quality, professional photo in. Remember people buy from people and a photo with a friendly face goes a million miles! Easiest way to do this is in Canva. Your profile picture needs to be 160×160 pixels.

Optimising Your Boards

The next step is to make sure your boards are optimised. To do this, again, you will need to make sure you have the right keyword so you can use them for your board title, board descriptions, pin title and pin descriptions. 

Board title

The first place to optimise with regards to your boards is the board title. Board titles should be about 4 words long. Board titles can be upto 50 characters long but it is only the first 24 characters or so that will show so there really is not much point having a really long title. You want your audience to be able to read the whole title ideally. 

Board descriptions

Each board on Pinterest has an option to put a description in. These are great opportunities for SEO and so should not be missed. They are important if you want to get found on Pinterest. Once you have done your keyword research, think about your ideal client and construct sentences that will appeal to them and what they will be searching for on Pinterest. You have 500 characters for your board description.

Optimising Your Pins

Pin (template) Headline

Each pin consists of an image and a headline. If you are a blogger, the headline will be the title of your blog. If you are a product seller it will be keywords to describe your product. Whatever you are selling, again, think about what solution your audience is looking for. What words would they put in the search bar to find your product or service?

Pin title

Pins have pin titles which is another option to optimize your account. Pin titles can be a maximum of 100 characters long and should not be the same as your pin template headline. It gives you another option to add additional information.

Pin description

Pin descriptions are great for optimizing your account. Again they provide an extra opportunity to add more information and to use more keywords. Pin descriptions can be 500 characters. 

Final Thoughts

So as you can see optimisation of your account consists of optimisation your profile but also your boards and pins. If you implement above you will get noticed on Pinterest, get more outbound clicks and hopefully generate more business. Good luck!

If you are still unsure as to how to do it and would  like to talk things through then give me a call, I would love to help you!

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