Did you know that it is important to clean up your Pinterest boards from time to time? I go through my boards twice a year to tidy everything up. Once around November before the run up to the holiday season, as I like to get organised, and once around April/May time, before the summer holiday. Why? Because it can increase your reach, which is something we all want, isn’t it? But not just that, it is good practice with regards to SEO, it makes sure I stay focused on my audience with regards to my content and I also love my profile to be organised! So twice a year I go through my boards, tidy them up and organise them.

So how do you clean and organise your boards you ask? Let me show you!

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Kind of boards

The first thing you need to look at when cleaning your Pinterest boards is what kind of boards you have on your profile. Are they all relevant to your ideal client? Remember your ICA comes to the platform with a ‘problem’ for which they need a solution. Can your boards help your client ‘solve this problem’. 

Pinterest should be seen as an extension of your website, like a business card if you like. It provides you with the opportunity to display what your company is all about and what you do to help your ideal client. Your profile is, in my opinion, not a place to display personal interest boards. I have boards about travelling, recipes, home decor but I do not display them as they are not part of what Clever Pins as a company does and/or stands for. All these boards are secret

The other thing you can do is archive or merge boards if you have 2 boards that are very similar. Those options can be found under your board options.


PHoto of how to archive or merge pinterest boards


Board descriptions

The next step to clean your Pinterest boards, which is very much related to above, is to make sure ALL your boards have keyword rich board descriptions. 

We all know how it goes, life is busy, you are making boards and sometimes you forget to add the description. 6 months later you still haven’t added the board description! During your clean up go through all your boards to make sure they all have board descriptions and more importantly, do they still target the right audience with the right keywords? Make sure your sentences are flowing and the aren’t any spelling mistakes. 

Order of your boards

The next step to cleaning up your Pinterest boards is to make sure you are happy with the order of your boards. You should have your most important boards pinned at the top,  followed by industry related boards and then any boards that have a connection to what your company does. 

To do this you can use the ‘drag and drop’ function. This enables you to put boards in exactly the right position. 

PHoto of how to drag and drop Pinterest boards


Group boards

Whilst cleaning your PInterest boards it is good to have a look at the group boards you belong to. Are they still relevant? Are you collaborating on boards that are relevant to your niche and business. What is their virality rate? 

Group boards should have a virality rate of 1 or over. The way you can check is in Tailwind. Go to Insights ->Board insights -> and just select Group Boards. This will bring up the group boards you are collaborating with and will show you the virality score.

PHoto of Tailwind analytics page

Look at how many people are collaborating on the board, how often they collaborate and how many followers the board has. If there are too many collaborators and they don’t pin very often and there aren’t many followers then you might want to leave the group as nothing much seems to happen. If you have a group board with a small amount of collaborators but they are active, then that could be beneficial for you. You get my drift I think!

Final thoughts

If you clean your Pinterest boards twice a year and you stay on top of it, it does not take long. But it is important to do as it will optimise your account hence giving you greater chances to show up in your ICAs Pinterest feeds, which is what we want.

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Happy pinning!