Updated December 2021

This blog is about how to brand your Pinterest business account. Branding your business is important. Nowadays most businesses rely on digital marketing to drive traffic to their website so it is important to appear consistent across all platforms. By branding your website as well as your social media profiles you will create a cohesive and consistent experience for your audience. 

This includes Pinterest!

As Pinterest is a VISUAL search engine, branding is almost more important than for any of your other social media accounts. Pinterest users rely on visuals so by using the same logo, fonts and colours for your Pinterest business account you will stand out and your audience will start to recognise your content.  

So the big question is HOW do you brand your Pinterest account?

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8 Steps To Branding Your Pinterest Account

There are 8 parts that you need to take into consideration when branding your Pinterest business account. Let’s go through them one by one.


Your profile consists of your profile photo, profile name, and profile description. Let’s have a look at all of them separately.

Profile Photo

So opinions about the profile picture are divided. Some advise using your company logo, some say to use a professional photo. Whilst I used to use my company logo, I have now switched to using a photo (see I am not making it any clearer either, am I?). My reasoning is that Pinterest is starting to focus more on followers, and as we know, people buy from people. Hence I have decided to use a photo instead of my company logo. If you do decide to use a photo make sure you use the same photo across all your social media, so you start to create recognition and a bond with your audience/followers. 

The profile photo on Pinterest is 140×140 pixels. You can make the right size in Canva. And make sure it is a clear, attractive, professional-looking photo (not a shot from one of your holidays!).

Profile Cover

The next step to brand your Pinterest account is the profile cover, which Pinterest changed in 2020. I believe they changed it for the better as you can now use an image or a video of your choice as your profile cover. The profile cover is fabulous for creating brand recognition as it is front, right, and centre on your profile page so it is one of the first things your audience will see when accessing your profile. It is another place for you to showcase what your business is all about. Use it to elaborate on what your company does, introducing keywords and incorporating your brand colours, fonts, and logo!

If you are using an image it must be at least 800 x 450 pixels. Videos must be horizontal with a 16:9 aspect ratio and between 4 seconds and 5 minutes long.

Photo of Clever Pins Pinterest profile

Profile Name

Use your company name and try and fit keywords in, separated by ‘fences’. Now for me, that is somewhat complicated as Pinterest changed the rules and Pinterest Specialists cannot use the name Pinterest anymore. Hence I only have my company name. However, if you are in a different line of business I would use some of your pillar keywords in your profile name.


Your Pinterest Bio is a description of what your company does. It is the place to tell your audience what you do and who you do it for! Again, this is an excellent place to use your keywords. So in my case I use Pinterest, Marketing, and Specialist. The other thing to include is a call to action. I have included my free planner here as I want to build my subscriber list. 

For your bio you are limited to 160 characters so make sure you use your space wisely. 


The next step in branding your Pinterest business account is your boards. With regards to your boards, there are several parts where you can incorporate your branding. Again, let’s have a look at them separately.

Board Title

The first part is the board title. The board title needs to be short and snappy, not longer than 4 words because it needs to grab your audience’s attention immediately. Your board titles need to be on message so your audience will start to recognise what your company does and what it stands for. The title is a great place for some of your pillar keywords. 

Board Description

The next part is the board description. You have 500 characters for this. The board description gives your audience information about the type of content they can expect to find on a particular board. It is crucial you use your keywords here as this will make you appear in search results, which in turn will get you click-throughs.

Board Covers

The last part of branding your Pinterest account is board covers. Not all businesses use board covers but they are a great way to distinguish your boards from your competitors. Board covers go on the ‘front’ of each of your boards. They are 600×600 pixels and you should use your brand colours, fonts, and the company logo. These are mine:

Photo of Clever Pins Pinterest Boards

Pin Templates

Last but absolutely not least with regards to how to brand your Pinterest account is pin templates. I do not think I have to tell you that these are super important to use your branding. Each pin template should be designed using your brand colours, fonts, and company logo so that once you schedule them and they go out into the BIG Pinterest world, your audience will recognise them instantly and save and pin them for later. 

Another very important aspect of branding your pin templates is the images you are using. Your audience needs to be able to identify with it. Think about who your ideal client is and always try and use images that resonate with them/the problem they are trying to solve.

Example of a pin template:

Image of a pin template

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Final Thoughts

Branding your business and so your Pinterest profile is important as it will make sure your audience will start to recognise you and your company. In person we make a first impression in about 7 seconds, online this is significantly shorter, hence branding your Pinterest profile is so important.

If you are not using Pinterest yet for your business I strongly encourage you to start looking into it. Pinterest is the number one driver of traffic to my website and I am not the only one.

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Happy pinning!