Updated July 2021

This is your super easy, straightforward guide to how to add pins in Pinterest. It really is super easy and there are several ways of doing it. You can add pins in Pinterest itself, either from your desktop or from your mobile. But you can also add pins in Tailwind. So,  you can choose the method you like best. Let’s have a look at how all of this works!

Adding Pins in Pinterest

Adding pins in Pinterest is fairly straightforward, both on desktop and on mobile. Let’s start with how to do it on a desktop.

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How to add pins to Pinterest

On desktop

Log into your account and click the ‘saved’ tab. On the right hand side, next to the first row of your boards you will find a + sign. Here you can choose to create a pin or a board. 

Image of Pinterest home feed how to add a pin


Choose Pin and you will be directed to below screen:

Image of how to add a pin to pinterest

To insert the pin template in this screen you have two options:

  1. Drag and drop an image into the screen OR
  2. Save from site

The next step is to add your pin title and your pin description. Don’t forget your keywords because they are very important here!  

Once you are happy with your pin title and pin description you need to put the destination URL in. This is the page on your website you want your audience to be directed to.

The final step is to save the pin to one of your boards. Go to the top right corner and press ‘Select’ to get a drop down of all your boards. Select the right board (remember if this is completely new content it has to go to the most relevant board first!) and press ‘Publish’.

 On your mobile

So how can we create pins in Pinterest on mobile? This is not too difficult either but a little bit more fiddly. Before you create a pin on your mobile I would advise to have the pin template ready either in the Canva  app or have it saved to your camera roll. 

To create a pin on your mobile, open the Pinterest app on your phone and make sure you are logged into your account.

Click the + at the bottom of your screen.

How to add a pin on the mobile app


In the next screen you can choose to either select an image from your camera roll (camera icon) or, like on desktop, you can select a website (globe icon), depending on where you have saved the image you want to use for your pin.

How to select the right photo on mobile app


Click ‘Next’ and add your pin title, pin description and URL. At this point you can choose to either add it straightaway to your Pinterest profile or to schedule it for a later date/time.

Image of where to fill in pin title, description and url on mobile app

Adding pins in Tailwind

The second way of adding pins is through Tailwind. Tailwind has its own ‘create new pin’ section. 

To do this log into your Tailwind account and navigate to the top right corner where you will see ‘Create New Pin’. Click this button.

Image of how to add a pin in Tailwind


Next you will get the following screen:



Choose ‘Upload Photos/Videos’ to upload the photo or video pin you want to add. Once uploaded you will need to fill in the pin title, pin description and URL.


Make sure you put the correct URL in as it will generate a generic one for your website. You want a specific one that goes to that product/blog post etc. Once that is all done, you can either add it to your queue or with the little clock in the bottom left corner you can schedule it for a specific day/time. 

Final thoughts

So now you know how to add pins in Pinterest and in Tailwind. Obviously creating pin templates for your content and scheduling them in Tailwind takes time, something a lot of busy business owners don’t have.  Clever Pins offers monthly management services which might be something you want to consider. DM me, happy to chat to see what Clever Pins can do for you. Or if you are looking for a set of ready made templates, come and check out the Clever Pins Shop!

As always I hope above was helpful! If you want more Pinterest information, sign up for the Clever Pins newsletter. It comes out every week and is chock-a-block full of Pinterest and Clever Pins news. You get the Perfect Pinterest Size Guide completely FREE! A handy little document with ALL the Pinterest ratios, sizes and character limits. 

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Happy pinning!

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