Change is good… what they say, isn’t it? Then why does it always feel scary and puts us out of our comfort zone?

Change is certain

Change is one of those things that is certain in our life: seasons change; we grow from babies into teens into adults; we go to different schools when we are growing up and when we are adults most of us will have different jobs at different stages in our lives. Most of us will move house at least once and we usually have had a few different relationships before settling down with the right person!

Most changes we don’t think about, but some changes put us out of our comfort zone and there are even changes that we avoid altogether as they appear too scary.

My changes

I have gone through all of the above. On top of that I have moved countries a couple of times. I used to be a diplomat so moving countries was not a big deal for me (and my family), in fact it is what got us excited! We used to get ‘itchy feet’ after about 3 years in the same place so welcomed the change to pack everything up and move to the other side of the world again: dealing with a change in country, culture, language, job, school… was what kept us going.

Then how is it that we deal easily with some adjustments in our lives and others are difficult or sometimes even impossible for us?

As said, as a diplomat and later the spouse of a diplomat, I had to move countries quite a few times, a change I was never afraid of and actually welcomed. But as a consequence I had to switch jobs quite a few times and this is where, for me, the fear kicked in! When I was a diplomat I did not mind starting a job in a different country, in a different Embassy, as it was still familiar territory. Same happened when I was a primary school teacher, moving different year groups was never a problem, starting in new schools, in new countries was never a problem as the job content did not change, I knew it.

Comfort zone

Where transition did become hard was when I decided to change tack altogether, this first happened when I started training to become a teacher and after my career in education, when I started training to become a Virtual Assistant, or to be more precise in my case, a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. All of a sudden I found myself in a completely new world with so much new information and so much to learn that I felt out of my comfort zone.

And when we feel out of our comfort zone our mind takes over to protect us from failing; the voice in our head, our inner critic, starts taking the upper hand. It tells you all kinds of things as to why you shouldn’t do something, why you are thinking you are the right person to do a particular thing. It is a coping mechanism to keep us from getting hurt. Well I can tell you my inner critic was harsh on me and sometimes still is!

……………..but you know what?

I decided not to listen and stick with what felt was right for me. I made the transition to become a teacher and have thoroughly enjoyed my time in different classrooms around the world. This time around the shift was scarier for me as it involved setting up my own business. But I stuck with my gut feeling and made the changes I wanted to make because deep down I knew this was what I wanted and what felt right in my life.

So, I have had quite a few developments and adjustments in my life and yes. I have discovered that to start with change is HARD,……..and it is SCARY,……….and it usually throws everything UPSIDE DOWN! But I have also learned that change is GOOD and it is what we NEED as human beings because it is what keeps us on our toes and makes us feel ALIVE!

Have you experienced changes in your life? Have they been good for you? Was it hard? I would love to read your stories! Please leave your comments in the comment box!