This blog will tell you everything you need to know about Pinterest board covers. You will learn what a board cover is, why you would want to use board covers, how to create them and how to actually add them to your board.

What is a board cover?

First things first, what exactly is a board cover? You can compare a board cover a little bit to the cover of a book. It has the title of the board and sometimes a nice image which tells you what content you can find on that particular board. 

I use these board covers:

Photo of Clever Pins board covers

With regards to what should be incorporated on your board cover, there are no rules. Some companies just have the board title, some include a photo. The design is up to you really. More about this later. Board covers do have a specific size, 600×600 pixels. Reason being they fit nicely on the board and are a better pinnable image. 

Why would you want to use board covers?

Not all companies use board covers, it is a personal choice. Let’s explore some reasons why you would want to use them.


One reason why you would want to use board covers is to increase brand awareness. By using your brand colours and fonts, your boards will add to your brand awareness. In other words you audience will recognise and start to feel more familiar and connected to your brand. This in turn increases your chances of them clicking through to your website and, hopefully, buying your product/service.

Looks more organised and professional

Using board covers will make your profile look not just more organised, but also more professional. By using board covers your profile will look ‘calmer’ creating a more positive buying experience for your audience. Have a look at the two profiles below and see how they make you feel.


PHoto of Clever Pins board coversPhoto of Pinterest profile without board covers









You might have experienced, looking at the photos, that the first photo is calmer than the second photo. Having said that, it is a personal choice. Some companies like the second look better and that is fine. 

How do you create board covers?

Board covers are easy to create. I use Canva to create anything for Pinterest. I find it easy to use and always advise my clients to sign up for the free version first. Once you are familiar with the programme you can then upgrade to Canva Pro, which has more features. 

I am not going to go into detail how to create board covers in Canva, if you want to know more about how to use the programme, please read my blog ‘How to use Canva – 7 easy steps to visual content creation’. Just make sure for creating board covers you select 600×600 pixels.

How to add board covers to your boards

So you have created your board cover and now you need to add it to the right board. Adding board covers is not complicated, it only takes a few little steps. 

The very first thing you need to do is upload the board cover as a pin. To do this tap on the ‘Saved’ tab and then go to the plus sign on the right hand side. 

Photo of how to add a pin


You will then get below screen. This is where you need to upload your board cover. I normally give my ‘board cover pin’ a title and add an URL. I do not always bother with a board description. You will also see that Pinterest comes up with a warning message regarding the size because normal pin templates have a ratio of 2:3. Save your board cover to the right board.

Screenshot of how to add your board cover as a pin


Next go to the board where you have uploaded your pin to and find it. It should be the first pin on your board. Now you will want to select it as a board cover. To do this go to Edit Board by clicking on the 3 dots.

screen shot of how to edit a board


By clicking on the pencil in the next screen, you will be able to click through all the pins on that board and select the one you want to use as board cover (this should be the first one, as it is the first pin on your board). Click ‘save changes’ and ‘done’ and voila you have a board cover!

Final thoughts

There you have it, everything you need to know about Pinterest board covers. Not too complicated is it?

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