Employee mindset versus entrepreneur mindset was something I was confronted with when I was setting up my business and started working from home. My whole life I have been an employee and all of a sudden I found myself in the situation where I was setting up a company and so I was the one making the decisions. It appeared it is something people struggle with when they start working for themselves as it came up in courses I did and my business coach addressed it as well. Change is not easy but it is also very good for us. Setting up your own business requires a mindset change, here is what I found out. 

Your why!

This is probably the most important when setting up your own business and switching to an entrepreneur mindset. There is a reason why you decided to start your own business. It can be anything from not wanting to be employed anymore, not wanting to work 9-5, wanting to have more flexibility or wanting to pursue a dream. Whatever it is, your why will help you focus on your entrepreneur mindset. Your why will help you drive your business forward, it will help you through tough times, when you feel low and you want to give up. As an employee you tend to focus on actions. You get paid to get something done right? As an entrepreneur you need to concentrate on the bigger picture and in order to do this it is important to concentrate on your deeper why because if you don’t you will lose sight of what is important and will keep thinking as an employee. 

Your business should work for you (not the other way around!).

This brings me to the second point of the entrepreneur mindset. When you start thinking like a CEO you will know what to do to drive your business forward. You will know what your long-term goals are and how to divide them into medium and short term goals.  You are the boss so it is important to know what you want from your business and how to get there. To do this you will need to plan your path and identify tasks that need to be done either medium-term or short-term. In order to do this you will need to make business decisions that you support and don’t feel overwhelmed by.

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Step out of your comfort zone

Being the CEO of your business means there will be tasks you need to do which will make you feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately you will have to do them. For me this was networking. Although I am quite chatty, meeting new people and having to talk business puts me out of my comfort zone. However, with some help I ‘forced’ myself to do it. And now, having done it in person and virtually, it is getting easier and easier.  Often we feel uncomfortable stepping out of your comfort zone because of imposter syndrome. Like so many others, I suffer from this as well, but Playing Big by Tara Mohr has helped me tremendously. Every time I have to do something that feels uncomfortable I refer back to this book. Obviously there are lots more self-help books out there, you will find one that will help you.

You can’t do it all by yourself!

This is a very important lesson I have learned. I am the type of person who wants to do everything herself but when you are trying to set up a business there is just not enough hours in the day so you need to delegate. You know where you lack expertise in your business and which parts you need to delegate. Don’t feel bad about it and don’t waste time on it. The time you save trying to figure it out yourself you can invest in a different part of your business to move it forward, it is that simple. 

Get an accountability partner to help reach your goals

Getting an accountability partner can help tremendously with switching to the entrepreneur mindset, especially when you are also working from home. By getting an accountability partner you will stay focused on your goals and your business will keep moving forward. I have a coach who holds me responsible for my weekly goals in a FB group but we also have coaching calls to stay focused on the long term plans for my business and to reach those important deadlines. It is a great support system and one I could not do without!

Final thoughts

Becoming an entrepreneur takes a mindset shift, there is no doubt about it.Always remember why you decided to start your own business and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes are inevitable and you should see them as great learning opportunities. The last thing I would like to say is surround yourself with the right people, people who are supportive and encourage you. And celebrate your successes, it doesn’t matter how big or small they are, every achievement is worth celebrating.  I hope the above points are helpful and will make you concentrate on what is important for you and your business.

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