Pinterest is the place to be if you are looking for creative hobby inspiration. During the strange times we live in, it is good to spend time on an activity you enjoy so you can switch off from everyday worries, even if it is only for a little bit. This blog will give you ideas for starting a new hobby or extend on one you already have. Who knows it might even give you some inspiration for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Research has shown that people with hobbies are less likely to suffer from stress, low mood, and depression. Activities that you enjoy doing and that provide you with an opportunity to ‘not think’ for a little while, can make you feel happier and more relaxed.

The idea behind Pinterest has always been to create a catalogue of ideas which will inspire pinners so they will go out and try these new ideas and incorporate them into their lives. Pinterest is full of creative hobby ideas and I have made a list of a couple of inspirational accounts I have come across. Enjoy!


The first creative hobby ideas on Pinterest is knitting! If you think knitting is still only for grannies think again! Knitting is very fashionable and a great hobby to have. During the Coronavirus lockdown I wanted to take up knitting but it was impossible to get knitting needles and wool anywhere!

Lots of inspiration on Pinterest but I really like Handy Little Me. There is an absolute ton of information on Louis’ account, from how-to’s to free patterns, inspiration and freebies! Go and check her out!


My mum taught me how to sew when I was about 12 and I remember making a few tops (Madonna mesh ones!) but I have always been notoriously bad at sewing! I have had a sewing machine my whole life but never really use it. I wish we had Pinterest back in the day as there is so much inspiration on the platform about sewing.

One account I really like is The Creative Curator.

Eve is a sewist, fashion designer and creative pattern cutter who uses her Pinterest account to teach people how to sew and how to make sewing patterns. Her account is chockablock full of tutorials, tips, how to’s and what you need.

If you are thinking about taking up sewing or extending your knowledge go and check out this account!

photo of pin cushion with pins in

Cross Stitch & Embroidery

A hobby I picked up again during lockdown is cross stitch and I absolutely love Stitched Modern’s account on Pinterest / . The amount of tutorials Susan has on her account is overwhelming and the best thing is they are easy to follow! 

Cross stitch is age old but what I like about Susan’s account is that she approaches this craft with fresh eyes, introducing new fresh ideas and modern patterns. Definitely one to visit if you are considering taking up cross stitch. 

Stitched Modern also does embroidery and sashiko.


The next creative hobby inspiration on Pinterest is crocheting! If you’re into crochet or want to learn how to crochet you have got to check out Lullaby Lodge’s account.  You will feel like you are in crochet heaven! Lullaby Lodge provides you with how -to’s, tutorials, free patterns and lots and lots of inspiration! Have fun!

Crochet blanket in stone and cream colour

Calligraphy – Hand lettering

I have always wanted to learn calligraphy and while searching on Pinterest I came across Vial Designs. Maira has got tutorials about calligraphy and hand lettering on her account as well as lovely doodling resources. 

Bullet journaling

More and more people are getting into bullet journaling and there is an absolute wealth of information out there. If you are just starting out I would suggest to check out The Petite Planner is run by Mariah and she has stacks of free printables and tutorials but she also runs courses and has a shop.

I hope I have inspired you to pick up a new hobby, obviously this is the tip of the iceberg. There is so much inspiration on Pinterest!

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