Updated December 2021

Unsure what Tailwind is and why you should be using it? Then read this blog. I have used Tailwind almost since the moment I set up my business account and it really works!

Are you pinning manually at the moment, are you pinning daily, are you increasing the number of pins, and is it becoming too time-consuming and complicated? It might be time to switch to a scheduling tool! There are several out there, Hootsuite, Later, Planoly, and Canva to name a few.

I have used Tailwind from the start and absolutely love it! I will tell you why below but before I do, for full disclosure:

I am an affiliate for Tailwind. If you sign via my link, I will receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you upgrade to a paid account. It’s FREE to get started and publish 100 pins on Tailwind. I use Tailwind extensively and would not recommend tools unless I am satisfied with them. 

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What is Tailwind?

Before we can establish why you should use Tailwind we need to know what it is. Tailwind is a marketing tool for Pinterest (and Instagram). It gives you the option to schedule pins in advance, at a time when it will get the best engagement. Tailwind also has the benefit of being able to bulk schedule your pins and to check how they are doing. With Tailwind you can automate the manual pinning process, giving you more time in the week/month to concentrate on other parts of your business. 

Anyone who creates content for Pinterest, be it that you are a blogger, creative or business owner, Tailwind is a Pinterest marketing tool you cannot live without! It should most definitely be part of your Pinterest strategy.

Advantages of Tailwind

So why should you use Tailwind? Let’s have a look at the benefits.

Scheduling in advance

With Tailwind you can schedule pins in advance. You simply select the content you want to pin and Tailwind will schedule them for you for the week/month. You choose which boards you want the pins to be pinned to and Tailwind makes sure it is done on the day and time you select. 

Bulk schedule

The second reason why you should use Tailiwind is that you can bulk schedule. Compared to some of the other schedulers for Pinterest I think this is the biggest benefit of Tailwind. Meaning your can schedule 3,4,5….10 of your blogs in one go for weeks/months to come! Who doesn’t want that?

Best audience engagement

Tailwind is set up in such a way that it identifies your audience’s engagement timeline. This means that it identifies time slots in the day when your audience is the most active on Pinterest and suggests those times to you to pin. It is a brilliant concept as it automatically maximises your reach! You can add and delete time slots as you see fit and according to your strategy. But to start with I would suggest sticking to the time slots Tailwind identifies for you.


When using Tailwind you can join Communities. Communities work in about the same way as Group Boards in that it is a group of pinners together who help each other optimise their reach by supporting each other’s content. You can find different Communities within Tailwind and will need to apply to join. Each Community has different rules, ie. ‘pin one, share one’, so make sure you know them so as not to get kicked out of the group.


Tailwind has its own analytics function, where you can see how your profile is doing, which board performs the best, and which pin. This will give you the option to decide which content to concentrate on, and which content to re-share or promote.


Like Pinterest, Tailwind has its own extension. It works in much the same way, in the sense that when you hover over a photo, the Tailwind extension pops up and you can decide whether or not to schedule that piece of content by clicking the extension. When you decide to schedule it and click on it, you will be taken to Tailwind where you can decide when and what time you want the pin to go out. Using the extension will save you even more time, which is marvelous.

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Final Thoughts

I hope I have convinced you to start using Tailwind to make your life easier. If I have, you can click here to sign up to the free trial. 

If you are still a little uncertain as to how Tailwind works there are lots of video tutorials on the Tailwind website. Do check them out.

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Happy pinning!


Pin template with text '6 reasons why you should be using tailwind!' on a flatlay of paper clips, keyboard and postcards in pink tones.
Pin template with text '6 reasons why you should be using TAilwind!'. Pin template has a flat lay of apple laptop, iphone, plant and paperclips.
Pin Template with text '6 reasons why you should be using Tailwind' on a flatlay with apple keyboard and pink paperclips.