Pinterest is a great platform for driving traffic to your website but sometimes we might be making little mistakes which hinder our growth without realising it. This blog will identify these little mistakes and tell you how to solve them. 

Is your Pinterest account not driving much traffic to your website or have you seen a dip in traffic? It is possible it is a seasonal dip, but it could also be that you are making some little mistakes. Let’s have a look at some common ones and how you can rectify these little mistakes quickly to drive those stats up again. 

#1 Consistency

Are you pinning as and when you have time? Understandable as there are so many other things you need to do in your small business BUT not great for Pinterest! Pinterest likes consistency, you see. But what does this mean exactly? It means it wants you to pin a consistent amount of pins every day. Not 3 on Monday and 7 on Thursday and then nothing for 2 weeks!

Consistency is easily fixed. Sign up for a scheduler, like Tailwind. Schedulers are great for keeping your pinning schedule running. All you have to do is spend 1-2 hours a week filling it for the week and Tailwind will make sure your content is posted. It really could not be easier. This also frees up time for you in the week to concentrate on other parts of your business. 

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#2 Relevancy

Pinterest likes relevant content. This means it does not want to see the same pin template over and over again. You would not like it if you went to a shop in summer and saw a lovely clothing selection and 3 months later in Autumn that same collection is still there. You will go and visit a different shop. Pinterest doesn’t like it either.

This ‘problem’ is easily fixed as well. If you are a product-based company make sure you mix up your photos that lead back to the same product URL, you can use static product photos but lifestyle photos are a great addition and pinners seem to favour those. If you are a service-based company and are using blogs, make sure you create a new pin image before you reschedule the same blog post. 

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#3 Pinning At The Right Time

Is there a right time to be pinning? I get asked this question quite a bit by clients. Yes there definitely is! This might be a little mistake you are making if you are pinning randomly and ties in with my consistency point I made earlier. 

If you have decided to go down the scheduler route, as it makes your life so much easier and Pinterest will like you so much better for it, Tailwind has a Smart Scheduler! Here you just need to indicate how many pins you want to be pinning each day and Tailwind choses the best time slots for you. It really is as easy as that, problem solved!

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#4 Keywords & Optimisation

As Pinterest is a search engine, it relies heavily on keywords. Keyword research is therefore one of the most important aspects of Pinterest marketing! When setting up your Pinterest account this should be your first task before you start filling out your bio and start creating boards. 

Make sure you do your keyword research before anything else. Once you have all the relevant keywords make sure you use them everywhere on your account to optimise it. 

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#5 Images

Being a visual search engine, your images are extremely important. Have you analysed your pins lately? Are you making sure you have a high quality image, you use your brand colours and fonts? You will also have to make sure your font is big enough to read and always try to include a CTA. 

It might all sound straightforward but unfortunately it is not. Taking the above elements into account will make sure your pins will become more clickworthy. A good place to start is your Pinterest analytics. Which pin gets the most clicks? Look at the design and try to copy it for other pin templates. Are you getting the same results? Then you are on the right track. 

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#6 Hashtags 

Some pinners mistake Pinterest for Instagram and think they have to use hashtags. Now I agree that Pinterest hasn’t been very clear with guidance on the usage of them but come 2021 Pinterest does not seem to be in favour of hashtags so just stop using them. 

Final Thoughts

Above are only small mistakes but can actually hinder your growth on the platform and so they are worth looking into. 

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Happy pinning!