Updated August 2021

This blog will look at 6 feminine stock photo sites that you can use for your business. Since starting my business I have tried out and used quite a few different stock photo sites. From free ones to paid ones. In this blog I want to share the ones that I like the best. No disclaimer as I am not an affiliate for any of them, in case you were wondering.

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Why Would You Use Stock Photo Sites?

Not everybody is good at taking their own photos to use for their digital marketing, whether this is for their website or social media. I am one of them! It would take me way too much time to do it myself, hence I started using stock photo sites. 

I will be honest here, I started with Pixabay, Pexels, Shutterstock etc and whilst they are perfectly fine and have beautiful images, after a while they were not doing the trick for my brand. My ideal client is women who have started their own business so I needed more feminine stock photos. I discovered I could not find the right images for my brand on the free sites anymore. It was at this point that I decided to sign up with one of the stock photo websites as I needed more specific images but also I needed more of them! 

If you are not an expert at taking your own photos, using stock photo sites saves you lots of time! A no-brainer really! So let’s have a look at my favourite ones.

Styled Stock Society

Styled Stock Society advertise themselves as ‘a styled stock photography membership for online business owners’. They offer memberships, starting from $97 quarterly, but they also offer bundles. The latter is great if you don’t really want to commit (yet). Go and check them out!

PHoto of woman holding a pink flower bouquet to indicate feminine stock photo site

She Bold Stock

The second feminine stock photo site to use for your business, if you like bold colours, is She Bold Stock. She Bold Stock was set up by Jasmine Hunt. She wants women to be bold and brand confident so they can build a business they are proud of. You can get 20 photos for free on her website or you can sign up for her membership, which starts at just £16 p/month!

Photo with bright back ground and pink journal with words 'your are the real deal' to indicate feminine stock photo site



Ivorymix is probably one of my favourite sites as they offer so many free stock photos. Basically, what they have done is make their ‘old’ photos from previous years available for free downloads. This is great as there is lots of choice. However, their paid membership is also worth considering. In the membership, $197 p/y, you get stock photos, templates, workshops, new monthly content and online training. It looks like a pretty good deal. This is most definitely the next stock photo site that I am going to become a member of. 

photo of podcasting equipment on a desk to indicate feminine stock photo site

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Pixistock is another great feminine stock photo site with stacks of feminine photos. You can sign up for free for 30 days of free stock photos and graphics or if you like what you see, you can join the Pixistock membership and free FB group!

Woman with bowl of bath crystals in her hand from a feminine stock photo site


Hautestock has beautiful feminine stock photos for your website and social media. They offer 21 photos for free and if you sign up for their newsletter you get a selection of free photos every month and of course they have a membership option as well. Hautestock does not just have amazing photos, they also do quotes, insta stories and canva templates. 

flatlay of mint green fitness clothing from a feminine stock photo site


Oh Tilly

The last feminine stock photo site to use for your business is  Oh Tilly. It is a great website I came across recently. I have signed up for her newsletter and received 15 free photos, which are gorgeous. As all the other stock photo sites Oh Tilly offers membership starting from $25 (Australian!) a month but getting substantially less if you do half-yearly or yearly payments. 

PHoto of dragon fruit on a plate from a feminine stock photo site

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are quite a few feminine stock photo sites. Go and check them out and let me know which one you will go for! 

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Happy pinning!