Schools are not on Pinterest. Why? 

I recently had the opportunity to help with the marketing and communications strategy of my children’s school setting up their Pinterest account. It highlighted to me why Pinterest should be part of any school’s communication and marketing strategy.

Educators have been active on the platform for a long time, possibly since the very beginning. They  have been using Pinterest to share resources, knowledge and keep up to date with latest teaching methods. 

Schools themselves, however, have never ventured out onto the platform. They are using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to digitally promote their school and its achievements but they ‘ignore’ Pinterest. Come 2020 this is a BIG mistake!

Below are 5 reasons why schools should be using Pinterest in their communication and marketing strategy.


The first reason why schools should be using Pinterest is because it is a free platform. Here in the UK, schools, especially those funded by external sources, such as parents, charities and trusts, need to constantly attract new pupils for their survival. Pinterest opens up another channel to do this and it is free!! 

#Pinterest is a search engine

Unlike popular believe, Pinterest is NOT a social media platform, it is a visual search engine! Pinners come to the platform to solve a problem. They use the platform to search, save and learn, actively looking for a solution. 

So if you are not on Pinterest you are missing an opportunity to be found as a business! 

On top of that Pinterest can boost your Google ranking! So it is a win-win!

#Pinterest is a fast growing platform

The third reason for schools to be using PInterest is that it is a fast growing platform, currently showing a 30% year on year growth pattern. At the end of 2019 Pinterest had 322 billion users. While most of these are in the US, the market outside the US grew with an impressive 51 million users compared to 5 million in the US. That is a large potential audience for your school.

#Pinterest audience

Reason no. 4 for schools to use Pinterest is that research shows that women, i.e mothers, are the main decision makers when it comes to their child’s education. 71% of Pinterest users consist of women! Compare this to 44% on Instagram and 53% on Facebook. Women use Pinterest to plan life’s moments, which includes their children’s education. 

#Pinterest is a digital marketing tool

The last reason why Pinterest is great for schools is because its content has a long shelf life and provides better opportunities for creative content. Whereas Twitter and Instagram allow schools to issue quick, short messages about their activities etc, Pinterest allows schools to engage with more detailed content, it is a tool to not just advertise the school itself, but also to display students’ achievements, whether this be academic achievements or cross-curricular. 


So there you have it, 5 reasons why schools should be using Pinterest as part of their communication and marketing strategy. When used correctly it enhances any existing social media presence, adding the unique benefits that Pinterest brings.  It will create the opportunity for a longer term, more detailed engagement with parents and prospective parents. Pinterest complements any social media strategy and is yet another way to create brand awareness for your school with the aim to drive traffic to your website and convert this into inquiries. 

NOW is the time for schools to be part of this growing phenomenon!

If you are a school and are interested in Pinterest but are unsure how to set up a business account, then read this blog to get you started. Or maybe your school is on Pinterest and you are thinking about outsourcing some of your Pinterest services.

Whatever it may be, get in touch. I can help you!