Are you a small business owner like me? Is it essential for you to keep your business running even when you go on holiday? Then keep reading this blog as it will outline 3 essential things you need to work remotely so that you can keep your business going while away on holiday.

Working remotely is becoming more the norm than ever before and Covid-19 has brought remote working forward by YEARS. Remote working comes in all shapes and forms, there are people who work from home, like me, but there are also people who work from different countries as they are travelling the world, the so called digital nomads. 

I have been having a taste of being a digital nomad as I have been travelling through France for the past 2 weeks, including a week of cycling and camping, while working. 

I thought I would address a few points I have discovered while working from abroad to keep my business going. It all boils down to 3 things!


The first of 3 essential things to work remotely is, obviously, a  good laptop. My work laptop is a HP Chromebook which is absolutely fantastic. Chromebooks store all your files online however, you can also work on documents offline, which is very useful.

The downside is that, although I can work on documents offline, the nature of my business is such that for most tasks I need to be online and so you rely on a good internet connection, more on that in a minute. 

What I have found is that my laptop is somewhat big and heavy. Not a problem for me as we are travelling by car, but something to think about if you will be travelling the world on planes, trains and/or buses. 


The second of 3 essential things to work remotely is good wifi. Very important and not always easy when you are travelling. As mentioned all my work is online hence a good wifi connection is essential for me in order to be  able to access it. WhiIst there are no roaming fees anymore in most of Europe, I have been caught out a couple of times in France where there was either no wifi or the mobile connection has been poor. Next time around I would definitely get a mobile hotspot router like, for example, the Skyroam Solis Lite so I am always certain I have a fast and reliable internet connection. 

Charging device

The last essential item is a good charging device. We all know it is not always easy to keep your devices charged but when working this is essential. This means that whenever you have access to electricity you charge them and where you can’t you make sure you have good battery packs. I use Anker Power Core Essential 20,000 PD Power Bank which comes with a USB-C cable. This device has enough power to charge my laptop twice and has been a bit of a lifesaver at times.


Nowadays you can work from anywhere. There is no need to be in an office, or in my case at home, in order to perform your daily work tasks. As long as you have above 3 essentials you can work from pretty much anywhere!

I hope above has been useful. Rests me to wish you a lovely relaxing holiday! Let me know how you get on!